only you can wake TF up (no one else can snap you out of it)

i like to remind folks:

“You will wake up and find closure on YOUR time.”

everyone loves to tell you when you should move on,
but YOU have to come to that conclusion on your own.
this is why when your friends step back.
it’s not to make you feel alone but they need you to see it for it is.
that was me with a wolf that i was really interested in all of last year.
he was so sexy to me for whatever reason.
i started to passively hope he would see “me” as i saw “him”.
as i laid in that bed last week because of all the pain i was in,
 this random thought came in my head…

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“Hey Job Interview! I’m Tryna Sleep Ova Here!”

i haven’t been sleeping.
i wake up at odd hours during the night.
what i think is morning is really 2am.
last night,
i woke up at around 3am.
since i couldn’t get back to sleep,
i decided to send out a few resumes.
i think my body is internally worried.
one job in particular stood out

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500am Thought Process


i can’t sleep.
i have so much on my mind right now.
i took about 3 benadryls last night,
but i still woke up out my sleep at 500am exactly.
you know what bothers me the most?…
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There’s Nothing Noble about Being Breezy Wolf?

evolution-chris-brown--large-msg-1361310647i bet he wishes he was this cub once again.
back at a time where he had no issues.
he was just “chris brown”.
worrying about what fresh kicks to wear to school.
singing at virgina state.
that innocent cub with a clean slate.
breezy wolf has some more issues on his plate.
monday: a vixen whose leg nearly got broke in half.
tuesday: a hit and run charge.
wednesday: kidnap obama and demand world domination?…

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WOLF MEAT: (316) other foxy assistant isn’t trying to wake up yet.
i need him to be at the office in an hour…

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WOLF MEAT: (138)

yesterday was a rough day on the emotions.
needed a time out.
today, i made you breakfast:

you may want to eat this first…

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