There’s Nothing Noble about Being Breezy Wolf?

evolution-chris-brown--large-msg-1361310647i bet he wishes he was this cub once again.
back at a time where he had no issues.
he was just “chris brown”.
worrying about what fresh kicks to wear to school.
singing at virgina state.
that innocent cub with a clean slate.
breezy wolf has some more issues on his plate.
monday: a vixen whose leg nearly got broke in half.
tuesday: a hit and run charge.
wednesday: kidnap obama and demand world domination?…

Chris Brown has been charged with criminal hit-and-run … TMZ has learned.

We’ve learned the L.A. City Attorney has filed 2 criminal charges against Brown, in connection with a minor accident last month where Chris rear-ended a Mercedes and allegedly refused to fork over his driver’s license number and gave bogus insurance info and then left the scene.

The City Attorney has charged Chris with hit-and-run — for leaving the scene without exchanging proper information.  He’s also been charged with the crime of driving without a valid license.  The crimes are punishable by a maximum of 6 months in jail for each offense.

We’ve also learned the City Attorney will refer the matter to the L.A. County D.A. for a possible probation violation in the Rihanna beating case.  Worst case scenario — if the judge in that case concludes Chris broke the law and thereby violated his probation, he could be sentenced to prison for 4 years.


he is a celeb…
…and gave fake car insurance info?
breezy wolffffffff.

tumblr_lyj1jlmw151r8bv6no1_400you better be glad i missed.
well he went off on twitter.
don’t act shocked:

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 3.23.59 PM…and didn’t delete the tweets?!?!?
congrats on this fresh start!
breezy wolf needs to move from la.
obviously living there is not working out for him.
he has three choices.
fall of the grid for a minute.
take up yoga.
enroll in a college.
eat a few sandwiches.
read a tyler perry script.
while he is at it,
leave his ragga muffin crew there too.
he needs some of my foxhole goons to whip him into shape.
stay tuned tomorrow for another exciting installment of:


8 thoughts on “There’s Nothing Noble about Being Breezy Wolf?

  1. As others mentioned, he needs better people around him. One of the problems lottery winners have is that they try and act the same as they did when they had no money. Problem is their old group of family and friends view them differently. Chris Brown is in a similar predicament. He needs to accept the fact that he needs mature people around him when he travels. Also get a driver (regardless of how he thinks it looks).

    In short, recognize their is a price to pay for fame (or infamy in Chris’s case). Don’t go into clubs without security. Don’t drive without people. Most importantly, stay the hell off twitter. For some reason these celebrities all think they should respond to the public. It is a mistake almost every time.

    1. ^110%

      the problem with hollywood and chris is they award bad behavior.
      as long as it makes them money,
      they don’t care what he does.
      one thing chris needs to realize is they make more money off him dead than alive.
      another thing he needs to realize is he is very replaceable.
      if some finer young wolf decides to come out,
      dances circles around him,
      more swagg,
      sings better,
      understands the game a whole lot better,
      and has a team that is as ruthless as beyonce’s is…

      breezy wolf is finished.
      i need him to realize that.

  2. The problem here: his groupies. None of them tell him the truth (do they even know what the “truth” is? ) I thought the black girl was the person he hit, honestly I was impressed for a second that she wasn’t star struck….then i saw her walk into his car …i said to myself – should have figured *face palm* . There AREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 18-24 year olds who have it FIGURED ALL THE WAY OUT.. that line about he works hard for his family – have a cookie? We all do. Quoting scripture. Classic. He’s damaged property and damaged goods attract damaged people – thus Rihanna likewise using the same “let me live” line when a journalist wrote about how she’s a bad role model.

    He’s going to go out of life with this trait, it’s almost a sad hopeless case. RIP “young innocent” Chris Brown

  3. I really believe if had served some time, Like 60 days ,in jail in 2009 he would be on the right path today. I have a cousin who was a wannabe thug who happened to go before a tough judge who sentenced him to 60 days jail when he was 18 for a first offence.He has been on straight and narrow since he got out almost 10 years ago.It was a wake up call losing his freedom.Chris needs a wake up call to take responsibility for his actions IMO.Mark Gerrogos his lawyer will get rid of this case


  4. It is sad. Celebs fare a lot better in NY than LA. He needs to let go of the party life and revamp his image.

  5. He was a cute cub lol.

    It’s just sad. When he beat Rih, he don’t know how bad he fucked his life up. He will never be the same person he was in everyone’s eyes before Feb. 2009. When you do one thing in the public eye, it seems like trouble just follows you.

    Good Luck Chris.

  6. 2 Corinthians 12:10

    That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

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