it seems the car that ran them over in chicago did it intentionally?

jaylen ausley just graduated and returned to chicago to do social work.
he is on the far left.
donald huey,
on the far right,
moved back from la to chicago for a new job.
i’m sure that devonta vivetter,
who happens to be in the middle,
also had a story to tell.
all 3 have died in their hometown of chicago.
a car literally mowed them down in a hit-and-run.
they are saying this was an intentional attack rather than a random one.
per daily mail

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There’s Nothing Noble about Being Breezy Wolf?

evolution-chris-brown--large-msg-1361310647i bet he wishes he was this cub once again.
back at a time where he had no issues.
he was just “chris brown”.
worrying about what fresh kicks to wear to school.
singing at virgina state.
that innocent cub with a clean slate.
breezy wolf has some more issues on his plate.
monday: a vixen whose leg nearly got broke in half.
tuesday: a hit and run charge.
wednesday: kidnap obama and demand world domination?…

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