it seems the car that ran them over in chicago did it intentionally?

jaylen ausley just graduated and returned to chicago to do social work.
he is on the far left.
donald huey,
on the far right,
moved back from la to chicago for a new job.
i’m sure that devonta vivetter,
who happens to be in the middle,
also had a story to tell.
all 3 have died in their hometown of chicago.
a car literally mowed them down in a hit-and-run.
they are saying this was an intentional attack rather than a random one.
per daily mail

Chicago police said on Monday they believe a hit-and-run which killed three men was an intentional attack on the crowd outside a gay bar – but that it is too early to judge whether it was a hate crime.

The three young black men – Donald Huey, 25; Jaylen Ausley, 23; and Devonta Vivetter, 27 – were hurled into the air when a sedan smashed into them at high speed in the early hours of Sunday, outside a well-known gay bar in the South Side.

A fourth man was left injured in the crash, which happened as a large group was standing in the road, seemingly arguing. 

Brendan Deenihan, chief of detectives, said on Monday the crash is not thought to be an accident, but it wasn’t yet concluded that it was related to their race or sexuality. 

‘It appears to be intentional,’ said Deenihan. 

‘We don’t have any evidence to support that somebody was trying to harm these individuals based because of their race, religion, etc. 

‘That can change once we get more witnesses and a suspect in.’ 

you know what’s wild?
when i watched the video,
i said to myself it looked like folks were fighting.
i could be wrong but it didn’t give “hate crime“.
it looked like someone who knew someone(s) decided to jump in

…but decided to use the car to defend their honor.

did this hyena just step on the gas like this was fast & the furious?
holy shit.

i knew when i saw that one person flying in the air that it was over.
i could be wrong but this looks like fighting ‘gon deadly.
you know folks are fighting and killing for the smallest shit these days.

people fight dirty nowadays.
they will use guns,
and cars to try and win.

Does anyone really “win” tho?

it’s a shame these 3 people died in such a tragic way,
especially when 2 of them were starting their lives over.
rip to all the victims.
i hope they are able to catch the hyena who did this.

article cc: daily mail

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  1. The driver of the vehicle has been charged, however it was not the owner of the car. Tavis Dunbar, surrender to Chicago Police and they still don’t know why he did it but it has been determined that it wasn’t a hate crime. He didn’t even know the people he killed nor was he involved. There was no motive and no evidence. The black box determined he was at full speed when he hit them. There were no signs he used the brake pedal at all. The police report noted that one of the victims was found on the next block. Tavis has been charged with three counts of First-Degree Murder and one-count of attempted murder.

      1. The original story has been updated as of 12:35pm 8/23/2022 now they are saying he did know them and he knew he killed them. I sent you the link to your inbox so you can see and I also sent you the proof of the earlier story claiming he didn’t have anything to do with it.

  2. I can give you insight for the story. The bar is very popular in the black LGBT community. Its known for its younger crowd. Its located on a main street. Residents in the area know what type of bar it is. It was a fight that ended up in the street. Around that time of night, there is no traffic on the street. You can see two blocks away who is on the street. Was it intentional, yes. Was it targeted, no. Whoever ran them down kept going and still on the run. You can clearly hear the car speeding before it them. They were hit so hard they flew almost 500 yards. If they didn’t die from the impact of the car hitting them that hard, they died from the impact of hitting the ground. Their bodies slid to a nearby train track. The Metra Electric line service ended on Saturday. No trains run on Sundays. The bar closes at 2am. I live in the area of the bar.

    1. ^OMG…

      that is wild.
      the car hit them so hard,
      i thought they were gonna break apart.
      these poor folks probably died and woke up in the afterlife like what happened.
      that is how fast all of that went down.

  3. I
    Am so disappointed to see African Americans gay or straight depicted in these mediums being violent. Attacking each other and behaving this way. Somebody’s pride wounded, somebody’s man or woman gave the 🍆 or the pussy 🐈 😺 to someone else and you are willing to die for the honor. My Grandma was stabbed to death over a nigga by some monster when my Mom was very young. The pain has stayed with her for nearly 100 years and the trauma and shock haven’t diminished. These rusty ass She-yena’s and Hyena’s need to 🛑 stop.

    1. 🙄 shut the fuck up, wat r u doing with ur life? Clearly not much if ur happy about 3 dudes being murdered 🗑

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