zoe kravitz has learned what “kitchen table talk” is

this is a learning lesson on when to shut the f*ck up.
it’s a shame that zoe kravitz had to be the example in that lesson.
during slap-gate at the oscars,
zoe used this to caption her picture:

…when some of the white folks in hollywood were doing it.
i love she used the incident to highlight her dress.
that wasn’t weird at all.
she has since deleted the picture and regrets what she wrote…

“I’m torn about what to say right now, because I’m supposed to just talk about it; I have very complicated feelings around it,” Kravitz has now told the Wall Street Journal about how she decided to comment on the Oscars slap. “I wish I had handled that differently. And that’s okay.”

aunt wendy taught me something called kitchen table talk.
it’s the private judgment-free safe zone that your family/friends talk at.
ya’ll TALK and can be as honest as possible.

“OMG he slapped the shit out him in front of me!
i was front row when i saw that shit.
he was wrong for that shit but damn,
it was funny AFFFFF…” – kitchen table talk conversationals

i understand how zoe felt but she should have stfu.
that is her colleague after all.
it didn’t help that white folks were trying to cancel him.
not only that,
her own past comments were ( x brought back up ).
some things in life just need a “kitchen table talk“.
now she is getting interviewed because she chose to involve herself.

It’s like being at work and your co-worker/boss does some dumb shit.
Are you really trying to get involved with your opinion?

if you gonna talk yo shit then say/font it with your chest.
stand in the flames and be on some “yeah, i said it“.
the back peddling and playing victim makes you look worse.
even as a blogger,
i learned when to interject and reject.
i liked she said this tho…

“I was reminded that I’m an artist,” she added. “Being an artist is not about everybody loving you or everyone thinking you’re hot. It’s about expressing something that will hopefully spark a conversation or inspire people or make them feel seen. I think I’m in a place right now where I don’t want to express myself through a caption or a tweet. I want to express myself through art.”

i was confused about what being an artist had to do with it…
but i liked the idea of where she was going with it.

article cc: yahoo

6 thoughts on “zoe kravitz has learned what “kitchen table talk” is

  1. How is Zoe getting dragged more than will? Social media is ALL about people voicing their opinion. Bottom line will is TRASH!!! He showed his true colors. He’ll continue to be supported because the unfortunate reality is buffoons are valued and loved no matter what they do. There are so many examples on TV, whether they have any talent or not.

  2. I agree about the expression of opinions on certain topics. Words are loaded and reading is fundamental, but a lot of people HATE books. Add in the fact they are now told what to think, when to think, when to march lockstep. These smelly Y PEEP O are unhinged. It’s a Stepford Wife vibe on steroids.
    I discuss opinions about Roe vs Wade, the unmasked, Covid vaccines at home in private.

  3. “I was reminded that I’m an artist,”

    GURL BYE. You got a little Batman clout and think you are killing the game. Nice try.

    You are weird and give coon vibes, but I’ll let you learn like Raven-Symone’s goofy self.

  4. I wouldn’t have apologized for shit

    She had her opinion just like everyone on twitter had theirs .. period

    Zoe is Hollywood royalty through her parents the same way will and jada are Hollywood elite tbh her parents were famous longer!

    Just like with Kelis just because groupthink ass social media doesn’t agree with you doesn’t make you wrong

    These celebs have to be more like her and stand firm on what they said the bottomline is will has had worse said about their family. All the think pieces about him saying shit about jada doesn’t matter if he had a problem he should’ve checked him for it then. He stupidly lashed out publicly on stage. And therefore Everyone Who witnessed it has a right to an opinion. That’s like when onlyfans workers cry about people judging them when they jacking off on public trains. If u don’t want us commenting on it, don’t do the shit

    1. “She had her opinion just like everyone on twitter had theirs .. period”

      It was more than an opinion. She was acting like she was slapped. Just doing the absolute most with Black respectability.

      That “opinion” BS is why the world is the way it is. Racist white people are enabled by their bystander friends who aren’t racist. Why do racists feel comfortable saying racist ish to their non-racist friends?

      If you cannot see how opinions are dangerous in this day and age…that difference of opinion mess always applies to stuff that affects people’s lives, not pointless stuff like arguing over music or a dress color.

      The idea that Will Smith is somehow “dangerous, unhinged or violent” when we have LITERAL COPS acting like savages and they’re not behind bars is why her little OPINION is dangerous.

      If we saw this at a celebrity cookout, would it be a big deal?

      Look at Solange in the elevator. It’s JUST like this. It just wasn’t on live TV for show. If she did that on live TV, Solange would be Enemy #1.

      Not too much on the dramatics, when white people are the most violent throughout history. A freaking slap has people in therapy and traumatized. FOH.

      1. What danger did her opinion put anyone in?

        Racists don’t just have opinions, they support crime and injustice against Black people

        Her saying he shouldn’t have handled it that way could’ve gone in one ear and out the other .. instead, Twitter think pieces were made about her jokingly saying jaden was cute ten years ago

        Jadens step mom was screwing someone his age

        So that was an irrelevant attack on Zoe bc people hate Chris Rock.

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