your bff’s biological clock is ticking and she is about to drop you soon

as gay males,
we have different lives than straight vixens.
we latch onto vixens because they can share our emotions at times.
they can “understand” us better than straight wolves can.
we can gossip and really let our hair down with them.
because of that,
we can become insanely protective over them.
how many of us have cockblocked ain’t shit negros from our “good sis”?
we admire their lives as they can admire ours.
so it can become a dope relationship but what i’m learning is…

After a certain age,
vixens start to crave marriage and motherhood.

…and they may end up leaving us alone to pursue that.
some vixens get almost desperate to say “i got that too“.
it can be fascinating to watch tbh.
this is when you don’t start to fit in the equation anymore.
your time is replaced with her speed dating on her biological clock.
a relationship that went from talking every day,
going out together,
and making memories start to drastically change.

we need to understand that our best vixens won’t be with us for long.
every vixen has a biological clock that starts to tick louder and louder.
as they age,
and they see others settling down,
they can hear the ticking within the silence.

Once they get that craving for “more”,
you will be pushed to the side as a result.

God forbid they meet a wolf who doesn’t like gay males.
they’ll sacrifice you for him.
i’ve seen some vixens go from “bad bitch” to “dumb bitch“.
it happens and it happens very fast as we start to get younger.
so while many gay males are on:

…our best friends may have been on the wave until the clock starts ticking.
will they be back?
who knows.
i got more personal about this same exact situation on my patreon.
click here:

listen carefully to what i had to say.

lowkey: why do i feel like if we as gay males meet our partners,
we would act the same with the vixens in our lives?
nothing would change but maybe the stakes are higher in their relationships.
some of them will sell their souls for a man.

8 thoughts on “your bff’s biological clock is ticking and she is about to drop you soon

  1. I think the main issue w this is the reality of our straight friends moving on. They get caught up in real life. Marriages, kids, families, etc.

    Maybe if the gays would normalize relationships over fake fabulosity and hookups, some of those friendships would stay more active. How often is the single gay friend gonna be considered for couples trips?!

    But I digress…As long as 90% of the gays are dreaming of being the bride…nevermind…

  2. I been saying this wow it’s crazy we have the same thoughts

    During the pandemic I lost a lot of female friends

    Some just started acting down right weird and I cut them off I sent gifts for their baby showers and sent hearts in a dm when they invited me but I’m not going to events including weddings or baby showers bc they abandoned our friendship

    I’m there for whose there for me

    1. and gay men eventually will stop hanging out too the goal is to be fine alone and go ahead and find you a man or whatever brings you peace so you can be fine when they don’t wanna go to brunch or go have hookah and drinks

      Think about it like this . Are your parents out every weekend with their bffs? No they have their own lives and responsibilities. After a certain age , I’ll say 30 in the gay world. You don’t see a lot of the main players out and about

      They’re trying to get their lives in order many have lost their self esteem or been humbled by life’s circumstances

  3. I don’t agree with the full argument in the statement and it reeks of misogyny. Not all straight cis women want kids or our attached to this imaginary “biological clock”. As we grow up our priorities do change and you become more aware that in order to be a parent you do have to sacrifice parts of yourself. This idea isn’t ground in gender most ppl contemplating children come to this realization. The argument women are willing to throw all of their morals aside for a dick and baby is a completely misogynistic argument. Not to say that some humans don’t completely throw their morals aside in order to be partnered, The phenomenon is not exclusive to folks with ovaries. I believe this has more to do with human insecurities than a biological clock. Homophobia misogyny and racism are tight and one would assume that you would not want to teach those things to your children if you are a true ally.
    I’m sorry for whoever hurt you, they are fckd up but please don’t put that on all of us.

  4. It’s not just gay men. Women act funny toward their straight female friends too. At a certain age after they have a man, they start to pressure their female friends who are single to get a man. Most likely because they don’t like their men being around single women.

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