UPDATE: you hurt me so i’m marrying your best friend

since he didn’t do ^his x right,
his alleged best friend did?.
so ^that gentleman,
by the name of marcus d johnson,
is the talk of the online forests today.
it involved his x and his best friend.
well marcus allegedly explained why in a fb post…

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when you get the “active shooter in the building” text

this is one of the worst texts you will ever receive.
i was gonna turn my phone off for the day too.
after today,
i won’t be doing that anymore.
so my best home vixen texted me that this morning.
it was like the world stopped at that very moment.
the amount of fear that gripped my body just now…
i can’t even put it into font.
i instantly started crying.
she is in maryland; i’m in new yawk.
all the thoughts that went through my head…
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When We Role Play… (30)

This is for EVERYONE.
Let’s try something new today.


You have been looking for a job for a while.
Your best friend of 5 years:

… hooked you up with a job at his start up company of 1 year.
He is the CEO and got you a good entry level position.
You started doing such a good job, that 6 months later, you got:

35,000 bonus + 50% raise
Car Service
Better title (just within the company)
Paid 2 week vacation

Word spread of how well you did in the company and it got to the ears of his rival company….

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