UPDATE: you hurt me so i’m marrying your best friend

since he didn’t do ^his x right,
his alleged best friend did?.
so ^that gentleman,
by the name of marcus d johnson,
is the talk of the online forests today.
it involved his x and his best friend.
well marcus allegedly explained why in a fb post…

now i was ready to judge tf out of this situation,
but a foxholer schooled me on the backstory of their alleged relationship.
this is what was told to me,
plus info from the x’s alleged ig stories:


so that puts a new light on things.
marcus was allegedly being abusive and a cheater.
someone looking like this shoots his shot:

…and decides to treat the x better to the point of marriage.


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My superpower is the ability to tell my own story on my own time. 11.5.19 👬

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Isn’t this what most “karma” stories are made of?

if it was you,
would you deny someone who is willing to treat you better,
even if it happens to be your x’s friend?
do you believe that’s breaking the code?

low-key: personally,
shit happens.
if you treated me like shit,
i’m gonna move tf on.

see marcus d johnson: facebook

Author: jamari fox

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32 thoughts on “UPDATE: you hurt me so i’m marrying your best friend”

  1. So….new hubby is PHYNE!!!! Anyway, I ain’t mad at dude at all. If, and I do mean if, he was being abused which I believe he was I am grateful he got out of that situation and found love INSPITE of it being dudes best friend. As long as they are truly happy, dude is treating him right and showing him what REAL TRUE LOVE IS….I’m here for it

  2. I hope the bitter party does not commit suicide because it has that written all over it. But also yes. That’s breaking the code a friends/family members ex is a no no.

  3. Chiiiiiilllllllllldddddddddd, a mess. Obviously he probably was cheating and abusive and who knew about it; the best friend. They finally break up and you mad because yo friend stepped up, that’s yo fault. We can’t blame the friend because if the ex was being cheated on and the relationship ended, that’s normally who lurks around to pick up the pieces. Now he wants everybody to shit on their happy life when you can’t really be mad. There is 3 sides to every story, his, yours and the truth. Its clear dude was a good dude if the best friend wanted to marry him two weeks later. You gone lock down something somebody threw away thats a treasure to you. You never know what you had until somebody takes it.

  4. This is still weird. So he cheated to get back at his ex? How long were they messing with each other to now be married? Week long proposals? Bye.

      1. You laugh, but it’s creepy and sad when someone is so desperate to say they’re in a relationship or married and come out of the gate with wanting the world from you…when you just met.

        1. They didn’t just meet. He married his exs’ best friend. They already knew each other. The best friend is usually the first person to meet the new bae. If he is mistreating his partner and the best friend waits until the relationship is over. Two weeks is all you need. When it comes to abuse, breaking the code is the least of the worry. They found their happy regardless how messed up it is but, its their happy. He married him!

  5. I wish a nikka would put his hands on me but in any case. Folks be thanking just cause folks look cute they ain’t crazy. Crazy and Cute go so well together.

  6. Usually I would be like oh hell no the friend is fucked up for doing that and blah blah blah. But to be honest, it’s hard as hell in the gay dating world and if y’all are compatible and really found love then good for you. Let the bitter rot on and you enjoy your happiness. Being gay comes with so much bullshit that if you find someone who brings you joy then go for it. The bestie is fine and I would definitely plow that ass so I don’t blame the boyfriend. Lol

  7. I’m confused??? WHO IS WHO? Is the blazer wearing guy in the main pic the One who lost his man & is mad or the one who married the friend?? Cause the FB page that’s ranting is the same man in the above pic

  8. Why these gays having all these problems? If my bf cheated on me I’d be crying my eyes out…at his funeral.

    Just like I was crying when I found out my ex baby day Jay Ellis got a baby now. I still got some feeling for him & I thought we were special…is this…is this…how he treat me…

    Now I’m sitting at home looking all insecure.

    Men ain’t sh*t!!!


  9. I can’t figure out who’s who when it comes to the boyfriend and ex, but the new husband (the sexy dark-brown brotha with the beard) is FIIIINE!

    On GP, I would say you shouldn’t be hooking up with your best friend’s man. That’s a no-no.

    But I bet it went like this. Wolf A and Wolf B were together. Wolf C was A’s best friend. A was mistreating B (fvcking around, being controlling and abusive, etc. for 2 years), and Wolf C watched the whole thing, probably disgusted. Maybe he spoke to Wolf A. Finally Wolf B went to C and was like, Bruh, what is wrong with Wolf A? Why won’t he treat me right. Wolf B and C started talking, realized they were a better match, and the next thing you know, they a couple and Wolf A is out here looking like a damned fool. He wouldn’t be the first.

    Which goes to say: treat your man right and expect the same for yourself! Don’t be possessive, controllnig or abusive. And don’t take him for granted either. Or you might not be together for long because there are other, decent, loving wolves out there in that human jungle.

      1. This story is kind of confusing but I take it that Marcus (who posted the facebook post) was dating Quincy (the chocolate Kappa) for 2 years…they broke up 2 weeks ago and Quincy ended up getting married to Marcus’s best friend Xavier a few days ago (someone posted a link to Xavier’s IG page in the comments)…so that means Quincy and Xavier had to of been messing around behind Marcus’s back

  10. Honestly I’m a bit confused reading this post Jamari. Something is weird. I don’t know if it’s the structure, abbreviations, or the terminology

    1. ^

      mark – guy who posted the facebook about his best friend leaving in the above picture

      best friend – the guy with the beard

      the x – he wasn’t in the original post,
      but i posted his ig in the comments

      the x left mark for his best friend of 5 years.

      i thought the x was in the facebook picture at first,
      but mark is the one who was left by the x for his best friend.

  11. These neo gays place marriage on a dumb ass pedestal. Other than insurance policies and inheritances in the event of a spouse’s death, marriage is pointless. With all of their chronic selectivity, drug overdoses, and AIDS deaths, most gays will die alone anyway. Furthermore, ole boy was just a placeholder. Together 2 years and no marriage? But he married the other guy in 2 weeks?? Wasn’t happening! Don’t buy the cow when you can have the milk for free.

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