a little cyber bullying and outcry can change a whole movie (sonic)

you remember ^this disaster?
that was the first effort for the “sonic the hedgehog” movie.

many of us flipped our entire shit.
i don’t know who that is,
but that ain’t our sonic.
well after some much needed cyber bullying,
they got their shit together and released this nee trailer today…

what they thought giving sonic veneers was disgusting…
imagine if we came together,
like they did to get them to change sonic,
and got that orange pumpkin out the white house
“sonic the hedgehog” hits theaters on valentine’s day, 2020.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “a little cyber bullying and outcry can change a whole movie (sonic)”

  1. I agree. Humanity has their priorities all fuked up. They’ll raise hell about an imaginary video game character but get ghost when real world concepts need to be applied.

    In any case, Sonic looks much cuter. The movie still looks cringe in some spots but Jim Carrey is a cutie and funny. Nothing I would rush to the movies to see but I’d love to watch it on Prime or something when it comes out.

  2. People raise their voices about major issues all the time it’s just we live in a capitalistic system therefore the elite and wealthy have the most power. The President is a multi billionaire with old money that man aint getting impeached. Not to mention Govt is split, so it may go through with one side but not the other. The sad part is many of these presidents did the same things, their image was just presented better. Glad they changed Sonic design i knew i wasnt tripping when i seen the new trailer and was like he looked like himself

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