did all the wolves get together to vote 2019 sexiest man alive for people?

i could get with ^this last year.
idris elba was 2018 “sexiest man alive” for people magazine.
i couldddddddd get with that.

he is the fantasy in my head that keeps on giving.
well i think the wolves voted for 2019 “sexiest man alive” because…

i never thought of sexy when it came to john legend.
i do think of:

i’m not a wolf tho.

lowkey: i guess michael b jordan was busy?

pictures cc: people

Author: jamari fox

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15 thoughts on “did all the wolves get together to vote 2019 sexiest man alive for people?”

  1. John Legend is cute. That nude photo of him is hot. He’s not at the top of my sexiest man list, but he is sexy.

    I do find Idris Elba really sexy. I could watch him in Luther all day cause he’s giving Daddy these days but when he was Stringer Bell, he wore me out.

  2. He really is sexy in hell but I’d like to know why ballers are never on this I mean Odell Beckham is really on the top 5 fine celebrities

  3. John Legend sexy? Where?.. He just has a nice ass and he’s got cute features. Idris is fine. He has the refined black male look. Just call him Bond, 007, Codename Black Daddy. Yass!

    John Legend looks like someone you meet at the golf course. I’m not saying he ain’t attractive, I’m just trying to figure out is some casting votes from within a dark cave at night.

    Michael B Jordan has a forehead bigger than the entire legacy of Wakanda but he still cute in his own way too. I need to see him naked to make a proper decision though. I’m sorry Jamari, lol. I always pick on him for fun.

    Idris peen is big too. I bet he be having them girls hollering! 🤯 The man with the Golden Gun…

  4. Yeah,Im gonna pass on this one. John isn’t unattractive but he’s not sexy. He’s trying to give sexy too and it ain’t really happening.

  5. His name is sexy…John Legend…invokes some one tall dark and handsome…its a no for me…but congrats for him.

  6. John is a 7/10 on a BAD day. Let’s not act like he’s anywhere near ugly. It’s because of who he’s with. If he was with someone who made him POP when you see them together, people would see it. People always said Nick Cannon was corny, now people are starting to see his face isn’t a bad one to wake up to and he is intelligent which adds to his sexy. John Legend is that unthreatening Black man so people don’t find him sexy. If he had a more chiseled face and wasn’t smiling so much and brooding, had facial hair and an intense gaze, members would think he was sexy.

    Many Black gay men don’t like “soft-looking negros that smile too much”.

  7. Sexy doesn’t have only one definition to me John is really sexy. That voice!!! He can sing to me and be in me all day all night

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