so derrick gordon and darren young have very specific dating preferences?

so i’ll be honest with you foxhole…

I completely forgot about Derrick Gordon

 you guys kept sending me this story,
but i was like “who?“.
it wasn’t until i realized that i wrote about him a long time ago.
he was the first pre-baller basketball wolf to come out.
during his coming out phase,
he decided to debut that he was dating an older white male:

…and that was the end of that.
matter fact,
all those black gay athletes who weren’t dating within their race are all mia.
in 2019,
derrick has a youtube channel called “derrick gordon“.
in a recent episode,
he had darren young as a special guest.
another one i wrote and forgot about.
darren is the first openly gay wrestler in the wwe.
this was his boyfriend cc: “people“:

they decided to defend their past dating choices and well…


the wrestler only dates asians because his first boyfriend was one?
he helps him with his fashion sense too?
tell me it’s not just the beads on his arms.
something about that statement was really cringe to me.
derrick seems to be attracted to older white males.
i love how derrick said it’s not about skin color,
but his whole list was 3 white males.

Okay sir.

we should let them like who they like.
i hope their white and asain males find lots of love and happiness with them.
we need to realize that…

Most of these out black males in Hollywood and sports tend to be very…

there is like a handful of straight black baller wolves who are with black vixens.
as i’ve been going down my social media timelines,
i’m seeing more and more black gay couples.
many regula degula black gays,
either out or not,
are dating/fuckin’ within their race.
the one in the middle of this sandwich:

…is in a relationship with another really attractive black male.
so they out here.

sidebar: creolemaican on the left in that pic is sexy af.

they might not be these hollywood or sports pineapples,
but those types tend to be out of touch anyway.
would we even have anything in common with those two?
one is still in love with his asian ex and the other wants a white daddy.

good luck to them!

lowkey: thank you to the foxhole for allowing me to see black gay love is out there.

Author: jamari fox

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26 thoughts on “so derrick gordon and darren young have very specific dating preferences?”

  1. Sunken Place + fit gay = RUN!

    95% of the men yall gush over on here need to be ran from.

    All that time they spent in the gym perfecting their bodies, they should’ve been in therapy. Fucking loony as hell! They give me bum vibes too.

  2. These types of Black men can really poison your spirit if you allow them. But it’s a challenge when almost every Black gay notable male in media chooses to share his intimate spaces with non black men. I’m psychologically exhausted with these brothers.

  3. I can’t even bring myself to care who or what these dimwits date and find attractive 🤷🏾‍♂️

  4. I love the comments I think it’s an interesting conversation to be had. I think interracial relationships are possible but complicated. I think people can sense what’s real and what’s not and typically a lot of interracial relationships that I see in my opinion lack authenticity. I think self-hate is a real thing but in many ways I think it’s over used I don’t want to sound pessimistic but I think people are very calculating in their decision making; people are trying to escape blackness and see interracial relationships as an access point to a perceived better life with better opportunities, but in the long term many of these relationships fizzle out and the opportunities dry up. Psychologically you have the black folks who get some abs and a couple of muscles and now all of a sudden they’re to good to be with other black folks, white folks become their prize and validation for their hard work; or you have the financial incentive where now as a black person through your white partner you can access the material things that come with success like cars, and clothes, a high rolling lifestyle. Sadly, a lot of black men are willing to become the sexual stereotype to their white/non-black partners only to be discarded when the novelty wears off.
    Thankful all is not lost because contrary to popular opinion or the projections of the mainstream media the majority of black people in America will date and marry other black people, and even in the professional sector ( doctors, lawyers, engineers etc.) 80% of black professionals marry other black professionals.

  5. No one is more sexier and stronger than a black man to me….. .Period! We come in so many different shades. I love black men. We have our issues but we fight together.

  6. An old post about Derrick came up from 2014 in the related articles. You read him:

    …i’m all for finding love in a hopeless place,
    but my nose is picking up something off about derrick.
    so i’ll just ask…
    is this about “love” or is this “for the love of the money”?
    he is giving me hustler or something…
    …or maybe he has an older snow fox fetish?
    i’m all for dating outside your race,
    but he can’t find anyone his age?
    there are a ton of gorgeous younger snow foxes/wolves he could date.
    i guess thats where my confusion is.
    as you can see i have a ton of questions.
    i guess these older folks provide something the younger ones can’t.
    maybe he turns them out something crazy in the bedroom.
    who knows,
    but hey…
    if he likes it then i loves it.

    lowkey: i wonder why didn’t he catch on like michael sam?

  7. I don’t know about them but I love my men BLACK. 100% Taye Diggs, Idris Elba, Wesley Snipes, Jay Ellis, Tyson Beckford, Morris Chestnut, Michael Jai White, DeAngelo Jackson, black skin. And even if they dark and don’t date within their own, I still like them BLACK.

    Have y’all seen some of those men from Africa. The toned dark ones with the strong mother Earth features? They are so fine. Sooo fine.

    And I’ll tell you to ya face. I wanted a dark skinned man then, have one and will never put any other above as my first choice. After that, I love the mixed with Black that still dark. All them brown and dark skinned men mixed with Asian, Latino can get it for sure. Middle Eastern on up…come on Sinbad!! I’m ready to go on the voyage. *Twerking over the seven seas, all hands on deck*

    But for every black man than runs up behind a white one, there are the ones like me who celebrate the beauty of the black ones. Especially the one we see in the mirror every single day.

    Episode over.

  8. These gents are surely limiting there dating pool. Its like living in Detroit and only driving the big 3 and that shit is annoying. I guess derrick changed white boy with Jr. Richard, hmm.. I wonder what happen??

  9. To actively and purposefully date men that DO NOT look like you or share your race is so pathetic. To hear black man romanticize and fawn over pale skin and narrow features is nauseating. Only black men grandstand and proudly tell the world how repulsed they are by men of their own race. And for all these “love is love” non-black commenters, how often do you see men of YOUR race publicly reject dating you and putting every race of man on a pedestal EXCEPT you? Famous black men dating non black men is not a random choice. They are ALL with white and non-black men. It is too common to be coincidence. Men like them feel the same way str8 black men do: that having a non-black partner somehow makes you more palatable to the mainstream. That having a relationship with another black man some how makes you a less than. Like god forbid you seek a relationship with someone who understands your life and walk as a black man. Someone who wont just be a pedestrian to your black experience. I had no idea who these men even were before this vid but the self-hate and colorist issues stand out like a sore thumb. Bottom line: if you feel these non-black men are aesthetically more attractive and more ideal to date than men of your own black race, then basically you feel that white and non-black men are better than YOU.

  10. I snooped on Derrick’s page. He’s with a very fem looking old White man. There is nothing masculine about that man you posted with him. Very goofy and “Yas Gurl”.

    I don’t care anymore. If you’re going to be with someone White, at least be like Donald Glover. Giving Black people jobs and focusing on Black issues. Not screaming racism when White guys don’t want you.

  11. Derrick Gordon is a snow queen, plain and simple. And he moans sometimes on his IG page about how hard it is to find someone but chile, face it, most of these white men don’t want you! Even that white daddy bear actor in the photo above that he hooked up with later wrote and starred in a (bad) movie in which he hooked up with a young black who turned out to be a bit psycho. (I’m not going to give away the twist but it’s really disturbing.) I just hope Derrick didn’t see that film.

    Darren seems to at least like other men of color, but his comments were a bit cringeworthy.

    AS Black is beautiful says, if you are not attracted to any men of your own race, you clearly don’t see beauty in people like yourself, which is a sign of self hate. In an anti-Black racist and white supremacist society, though, it makes sense, which is why I always give credit to those radical, self-loving Black Americans in the US who proclaimed “Black is beautiful.” It is, we are, and let’s not ever forget it.

    1. No offence to him, but Derrick always strikes me as someone of limited cognition.. a bit of a nerd.. Wonder what he’s doing for himself now..

      1. Well his Basketball career is pretty much over, so I guess he’s trying to become a youtuber now. He’s probably going to start dating another old white man and turn his channel into one of those interracial couple channels

  12. Lets get right to the point!!!!!

    BLACK MEN WHO NEVER DATE Other Black men.. suffer from SELF HATE!!!

    Case Closed. I refuse to spend any more time on the subject.Now where was I ,, Oh,,er ,,, So , how about this Polar Vortex the country is dealing with.

  13. This statement, “there is like a handful of straight black baller wolves who are with black vixens”, is NOT true, at all.

    Many, if not most, black athletes date and marry black women

  14. I’m so tired of these swirling gays always talking about “love is love.” It seems like that whole ‘love is love’ mess only applies if you ain’t black

  15. I see alot of bodybuilding black male dating outside their race on my social media these past few years that I follow.

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