so disney trying to take all our money, huh?

ya’ll know i love disney.
when i’m annoyed,
i’ll watch walk through videos of walt disney world/
don’t judge me.
well disney launched their new streaming service today called…


it features all pixar,
star wars,
and national geographic.
they even have “the simpsons” up on there too.
as soon as they throw “the proud family“,
it’s gonna be an all weekend binge.

so i had to ask the foxhole…

Are you getting Disney+?

i feel like this is another streaming service to add on our plates.
disney+ is 6.99,
with a 7 day free trial,
but 12.99 with hulu and espn+.

low-key: there will no r rated content on disney+

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “so disney trying to take all our money, huh?”

  1. I’m not buying the streaming service, but every family that has children will be getting it. So instead of the streaming service, I have decided to purchase the Disney stock and have been buying it for over a year. They are going to take over the world on this one!

  2. You know that the Proud Family is coming back, right? With that and Boondocks return, I was so happy. But with John Witherspoon passing..I don’t know.

  3. It makes sense seeing how DC has their own and Disney owns Marvel. Now as far as buying the service, I don’t have a need to watch Disney all day unless they removed all Disney from Hulu and Netflix

  4. I told myself I wouldn’t subscribe to another streaming service but of course I did 😂.

    I watched The Mandalorian last night and it was awesome. New original shows are coming.

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