it’s all fun and games on twitter until you can’t post porn or sex work anymore

i don’t think folks see the seriousness of elon musk messing up twitter.
he clearly doesn’t know wtf he is doing.
it’s not even twitter anymore because it’s called ( X ) now.

One day,
we are going to have a discussion of why we allowed certain people in government,
and the presidency.
They used their power to fuck everything up.

i think he thought people would be lost without twitter but:

Threads and Spill entered the chat

the real drama that is brewing tho…

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UPDATE: you hurt me so i’m marrying your best friend

since he didn’t do ^his x right,
his alleged best friend did?.
so ^that gentleman,
by the name of marcus d johnson,
is the talk of the online forests today.
it involved his x and his best friend.
well marcus allegedly explained why in a fb post…

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Put an “X” Through Chris Brown

chris-brown-x-deluxe-edition-coverso this was the year,
our 3 reigning “ratch n blues” singers came out with albums.
well next week,
chris brown is going to come out with his new album simply titled,
one of my readers sent me the advanced copy to check out.
i really,
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Easy Cum; Easy Hoe


after that phone call i received earlier…
today has been a real chill day for me.
i think the only thing i did was get up,
take a shower,
and then climb back in bed to binge watch my shows.
pretty little liars being the first.
so as i was getting into it,
contemplating taking a nap,
i got a call from a familiar number.
it was mr. big wolf,
star fox’s “x”.
he rarely ever calls me.
he usually sends a text.
i knew this had to be serious…
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Do You Want To FREEFALL With Me?

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 8.58.01 PM
well the fox is hooked.
earlier i was on tumblr and saw a gif pop up on my timeline.
i figured it was some new porn scene.
turns out it wasn’t a porn scene after all.
it was from a youtube series called, “freefall”.
written and directed by lamont pierre and geno brooks.
(hopefully i’m not missing anyone else)
i am probably late as hell watching this,
but i don’t give a damn.
i dunno if anyone has watched it yet,
but you know i had to share the love with the foxhole…

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Breezy Wolf Tells TMZ To Watch Their Mouth

tumblr_mowt1ampl31rmmkr0o4_1280this picture was shot where the allegations took place.
heat ultra lounge.
there are more under the break.
breezy wolf responds and then deletes (surprise, surprise) the tweet…

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