Easy Cum; Easy Hoe


after that phone call i received earlier…
today has been a real chill day for me.
i think the only thing i did was get up,
take a shower,
and then climb back in bed to binge watch my shows.
pretty little liars being the first.
so as i was getting into it,
contemplating taking a nap,
i got a call from a familiar number.
it was mr. big wolf,
star fox’s “x”.
he rarely ever calls me.
he usually sends a text.
i knew this had to be serious…

so he started telling me how he has been communicating with his x again.
they were thinking of getting back together.
so yesterday he went all out to show he was ready to be with him again.
they spent the entire day together on mr. big wolf’s dime.
the schedule:

and dinner.

sooooooo “romanticals”.

well this is where it all went completely left field.
so he had already reserved a room for them both at the standard.
after they got back from the club,
tipsy as shit,
he said he fucked the x twenty ways until stupid.
i mean that passionate kind make up sex to seal the deal.
well after he busted and the x was sleep,
he said he was still feeling real horny.
now any regular wolf would wake the x up and go for another round,
he got on jack’d,
found a snow fox in the hotel who was looking for a hookup,
and went and fucked him for an hour.









so while his pipe was knee deep in some snow,
the x was blowing up his phone.
well when he got back to the room,
he had no choice but to be honest.
it was like 4 in the morning.
the x went the fuck off and left.
i guess he thought the x would sleep through the night after sum good pipe?
it was a complete mess and an idiot decision.
lets just say they are over.

he called me because he thinks he has an issue.
…ya think?
he knows that i would be honest with him.
well lets just say i gave him an earful.
he knows he did wrong.
i let him know how foul he was.
i really felt for the x tho.
as a fox,
i completely “get it”.
these wolves out here ain’t loyal.
hell is anyone loyal anymore?

i need god to never bring someone like mr. big wolf in my life.
well not one to fall in love with anyway.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “Easy Cum; Easy Hoe”

  1. He ain’t shit man, and he gives the good wolves a bad name. Jamari, don’t let him end up getting your booty. You know he wants it. You were weak for him once, and luckily you came to your senses. Watch your back tho…literally.

  2. This is the faggot lifestyle. This is why when I read about these delusional fantasies about tryin to be in a relationship with a man I laugh. Men are not capable of being in relationships with men. These faggots just want to put mileage on their dicks and get their holes wrecked. This is faggot behavior and this is why God banished this life. We aren’t supposed to be happy. He put our spots in our asses because he knew that it would be a trap to doom us. We are meant to be alone as faggots. God wasn’t lyin when he said this lifestyle is forbidden.

    1. umm sounds like you’re angry but not everyone who is gay is promiscuous and can’t find love, have you been friends with any straight people? if so you’d see they are just as bad if not worse in fact in 2014 idk anyone who is really committed anymore in todays society it’s like people want you to be happy being one of many in their deck of cards. it’s all about who you decide to lay with, you can’t make an over generalization based on some small instances and the whole Bible argument from Leviticus WOULD work if GOD didn’t forbid 75 other things in that same book that people (str8, gay christian, muslim and etc) do everyday such as cutting hair, trimming beards, eating shrimps, pig, rabbit, eating fat, wearing clothes made out of woven fabrics, working on the sabbath, and etc…hell according to Leviticus we’re all on a slow ride to hell, but that’s neither here nor there

  3. This is the one of the most hurtful things I’ve read about someone doing to another for a while. Some people are so fkd up.

  4. See that’s the B.S. I could only imagine what i would have done. The ex was mature just to leave and leave it be. That was a clear message it was not meant.

  5. I kinda feel sorry for both of them (more for the ex) I can’t inmagine my Wolfe ex treating me out for the day giving me good ass pipe and then waiting till I fall asleep to than go fuck another fox. I get a sense from what you write about mr. Big wolf that he STARTS off with good intentions but makes really BAD choices without really thinking it thru. And yes I think he may be a sex addict and needs to get help. Sigh it’s so hard being a fix in these woods.

  6. Dude has no conscience. If you know you’re a sex fiend, stay away from commitment because it’s something you’re clearly not capable of giving. Hoes know this yet will still knowingly enter into relationships with people. Why? It’s all about them being able to have their cake and eat it too. Hoes are selfish and never consider the other person’s feelings in the matter because they lack a certain sense of compassion. The screws in their brain are as loose the organs in their pants.

  7. Wow, he has no common sense whatsoever. As dumb as they cum. Any normal person would’ve woke the person up to have more sex or waited until they woke up. I agree with Lindo. He is fucking stupid. Hopefully someone does the same to him so he can see how it feels. Oh right, that probably wouldn’t happen to him because most people who still want sex are smart enough to just starting sucking on his dick while he’s asleep, to wake him up for more sex.


    I’m really shocked at the level of stupidity that I don’t know what to say.

    1. ^i DEF let him know that.
      sexual addiction does exist.
      people think it’s men just being men,
      but it could be more serious than that.

    1. ^LOL don’t say that noac!
      everyone deserves some kind of love out here.
      i’m mad he did that to his x tho.
      at least let the x leave and then go look for some new hole.

      1. that another form of saying he’s stupid. Let be honest what kind of grown ass man who is the one to setup the whole day just to go back with his ex. And then ruin it by sleeping with some random dude?

        A stupid one because that shit make sense.

      2. Then he can never be in a relationship. I could say date another sex addict, but a friend who is a sex addict too doesn’t like the idea of having a partner who’s sleeping around. Which is so one side. Even bisexual people said the something about not dating other bisexuals which I don’t understand.

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