Easy Cum; Easy Hoe


after that phone call i received earlier…
today has been a real chill day for me.
i think the only thing i did was get up,
take a shower,
and then climb back in bed to binge watch my shows.
pretty little liars being the first.
so as i was getting into it,
contemplating taking a nap,
i got a call from a familiar number.
it was mr. big wolf,
star fox’s “x”.
he rarely ever calls me.
he usually sends a text.
i knew this had to be serious…
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Move It, Lose It, Or Just Fuckin’ Die.

tumblr_m6ufu5AzQ61qks25go1_1280 i went over to mr. big wolf’s apartment friday.
star fox’s ex.
he picked me up and got some food.
i needed someone to talk too.
i didn’t clean myself out because no sex would be happening.
well i hoped not anyway….

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Jamari, You In Danger Boy!

tumblr_l3gkmcLpDH1qzv8n5o1_500_largethe funeral was actually really nice.
huge turn out.
it took me a minute to actually walk into the church initially.
i was scared.
super scared to see him in the casket.
super duper scared that i may drop and start bawling like a lost child.
my watery eyes hid behind sunglasses.
there lay the shell of my former friend.
he wore a nice tux and a skinny tie.
they knew that was his favorite.
i sat with his family and they embraced me.
they knew we were close that i almost thought they assumed we dated.
his ex surprised me.
he actually stuck really close to me.
we gonna talk about that in a sec…

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The Wolf Whose Fur Has Gotten So Cheap You Could See Right Through Him

At what point do you finally say:


I know that we meet Wolves who get in our heads and turn us out.
It is alway based on looks, sex, money, or loneliness.
In some sad cases, it’s all 4.
I am lucky to not have met any that have attempted to drag me down…. yet.
Star Fox was in a knock down, drag out that he finally realized his worth.
It took another Fox to hold a mirror in-front of him to realize that.

 I think a Fox has broken free….

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To Shit Or Not To Shit, That Is Never A Question


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