How Mr. Big Wolf Came and Went

playing-with-fire-animated-gifso mr big wolf and i spent the afternoon together.
he only lasted a good,
i dunno,
30 minutes.
i guess you could say i’m over it

so while i was at work,
taking a break from working,
mr. big wolf sent me a text.


“working  kinda wassup?”

“we need to talk about last weekend…”

by “last weekend”,
he meant when he dropped off the info about him wanting to be with me.
i replied that i wanted to take it slow and be friends.
that was the last i heard from him until today.
i guess when i said take it slow,
he took it literally.

47317“i like you.
from the first time i saw you with star fox,
i thought you were really cute…”


“…but i don’t want to mess up the friendship with us right now.
i know i will fuck it up.
i could really see you being in my life for a while and i really care about you.
plus i’m also dating too.”


“i mean i’m cool with it either way,
but why did you send me a message like that if you dating?”

“i dunno.
i felt alone and thought it would be a good idea.”


“well i mean like i said i’m cool.
this is why i said take it slow anyway,
but its all good!”

ajleonhe started talking to me about wanting to chill soon.
wanting to see the new angelina jolie movie.
my plans for memorial day weekend.
yadda yadda.
i don’t know if i even want to chill with him anymore.
sure i would love to hang with someone who is in the life,
but he kinda low key pissed me off.
i don’t exactly know why i’m pissed,
but i’m sure it had something to do with the dumb shit of the earlier texts.
in my head,
he wasn’t the “wolf” i had in mind anyway.
plus i don’t think i would be able to really get comfortable with him.
those pesky morals.
he would definitely be “the wolf to fill the void of loneliness for the moment.”
not to mention that i’d be his rebound.
i don’t “do” rebound.
i do “real legit situation“.
i’m sure it doesn’t involve him even though i did think he was cute.
i may not be perfect,
but i’m glad i can recognize when a red flag starts blowing in the wind.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “How Mr. Big Wolf Came and Went”

  1. I think secretly you feel guilty about star fox that why you feel pissed off. And mr big wolf does care about you otherwise he wouldn’t tell you about him dating someone and I am pretty sure he going to break up with him for you because he likes you. Are you scare being in a relationship?

    1. ^zen said it best.
      he seems “flip floppy”.
      and why would he text me to tell me if he interested in me,
      if he is dating someone?
      sketch city lin.

      1. Idk! Are you sure?
        Would you prefer him to not tell you?
        I know he said he interested in you, but you guys didn’t exactly go on a date yet.
        Did you ask him how serious is the relationship with him and his bf?

  2. Yeah it seems like he doesn’t have his mind made up on what’s he wants. It sounds like he wants to be with you because there’s comfort and familiarly there, but go sowing his wild oaks with others. I don’t know maybe you guys should hang out somewhere as friends and see what the vibe is like, you’ll probably be able to get a better sense of him that way.

  3. Run. As fast as you can. Run! Like you tell us. All of the signs of trouble are there. You are too good for him and all he wants is your goods.

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