The Wolf Whose Fur Has Gotten So Cheap You Could See Right Through Him

At what point do you finally say:


I know that we meet Wolves who get in our heads and turn us out.
It is alway based on looks, sex, money, or loneliness.
In some sad cases, it’s all 4.
I am lucky to not have met any that have attempted to drag me down…. yet.
Star Fox was in a knock down, drag out that he finally realized his worth.
It took another Fox to hold a mirror in-front of him to realize that.

 I think a Fox has broken free….

Star Fox texted me last night:

“I did it. I’m done. I ended it.”

I called him back,
wondering what he was talking about.
He finally cut his ex, Mr. Big Wolf, off from all communication.

Earlier that day,
I had to school him on his worth.
I actually had to school him on a number of things I felt he was doing wrong.
I had to let him know he deserves someone who sees the glowing fireball of fury that he brings.
He doesn’t need to carry on with some nigga who doesn’t even know his own worth.
One where he was cooking his dinner when he came home from work,
getting fucked stupid in every which position you could put a Fox in,
head on command and nutted inside with no issue,
and basically be his safety net/rock when he was alone and needed affection.

Star Fox took what I said seriously yesterday.
He had been entertaining a Wolf/Hybrid/Fox/Confusion who didn’t know what he wanted.
He had been hoping that one day this person would love him, the way he was loving him.
If he hasn’t realized it 13 years,
then more than likely he never well.

Why entertain that?
Why hold onto someone who is stringing you on?
Why hang onto some nigga who is still fucking his ex,
the same ex that shitted on him (literally and figuratively)?

Mr. Big Wolf tried to be cool with me,
and I liked him as a person,
until I saw what he was doing to my best friend/brother.
Let’s just say he couldn’t handle the hurricane that was me,
and blocked me on everything.

on mo gin for good measure…

(don’t fuck with my man, my friends, and my foxhole…)

I believe in that being a Fox,
you need to see when the fur is being pulled over your eyes.
When you have to ask yourself:

“Is this worth it?”

Even though Mr. Big Wolf has money and his own,
even though he is fine as hell,
he isn’t loving the way it is needed.
So he needs to go.
No looking back and no “maybe he will change” turn of events.
Tell him pack his bags and be out of your life by 5pm.

Ask yourself if that Wolf you are dealing with,
that messy ass nigga in the next room,
the one you know is fucking some other Fox, Jackal, or Hyena,
the one who doesn’t love you or like you…

Is it time for him to go?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “The Wolf Whose Fur Has Gotten So Cheap You Could See Right Through Him”

  1. I’m curious to see the comments coming… Lol… I feel a strong “Star Fox WTF?! 13?!”

  2. No need in wasting your most attractive years on someone who isnt worth it.

    The whole situation isnt uncommon at all.

  3. Honestly, It’s always easier to give advice than to take it. Most of us have been in a predicament where everyone else saw the storm before it hit home. The longest I’ve lasted with the faux fur pulled over my eyes was 6 months…and I’m still upset about it! That’s half of a year!!! lol But 13, WOW…. is all I can say. Glad you got the foxhole together Mari.

  4. A decade and change wasted on a man that dont love you. Im honestly at a lost for words… I honestly thought the “1” in 13 was a typo until i saw it again… WTF man…. And then he nuttin in you and sleeping with hyenas and jackals?… Idk…

  5. I just met a dude who could have potential been the worst kind of fox to be with. I have a tendency to ask a lot of questions when I meet a person. It’s a developed habit that I have. Anyway he admit that he was on that ‘white girl’, he is an alcoholic,has too many felonies to name, infatuated with guns, has HIV from his ex boyfriend in New York, who he is STILL sleeping with, has anger issues, AND he doesn’t not have a job or a place of his own. I forget all the other petty shit but this dude was a HOT mess. Calling me ‘baby’ within the FIRST conversation. Five years ago, my naive ass probably would have giving him the chance but I have learn over the years to pay close attention to the ‘red flags’ and to keep problems far away from me. I just flat out told him that I couldn’t even be associate with a person like that. I ain’t perfect but I know my worth and he would probably kill me….literally.. NO SIR!

    1. That really made me sad. Too many like him in this community. Hopefully he gets some help.

  6. I’m glad you could be there for him as a friend and give him a bit of encouragement. I’ve been in his shoes before and it’s definitely hard to move on from a situation you’re so used to being in and have become comfortable with.

    I will say, however, don’t be surprised if he goes back to his wolf. If that happens, make sure to be just as encouraging as you were when he left.

    The hardest thing to deal with when you’re trying to leave a situation isn’t your emotions, it’s your friends and family. They can be mean, callous, and ridicule you when you’re not doing exactly what they feel you should do. Don’t be that fox.

  7. Your word is always good…until you break it. Only time will tell if this situation is truly dead. That is a long time to deal with someone who does not have or exhibit the same feelings as you. Best of luck to Star Fox.

  8. Damn, he was with dude for a minute. 13 years tho? It would be hard for me to be with anyone in this lifestyle for that long of a period, if I’m in love with them or not. I don’t got time for no good niggas, nope not at all. That’s why I like humble dudes with a lot going for them, I don’t got time for the drama.

  9. That’s a long time; I went a year and change before I threw him out & didn’t look back. I still had feelings for that negro though – still do to this day, but my head keeps my heart in check. So…I understand.

    1. See for me, I had to get to the point where I was completely over 13 yrs of feelings to cut it off.

  10. I must say, it wasn’t 13 yrs of fuckery and it was off and on at that. The real major turning point was after we lived together for a little under a year. I can’t honestly say Mr. Big Wolf didn’t love me, he just didn’t know & love himself enough to understand and embrace the type of fox I was. Some people can genuinely love you yet not know how to determined the level of love in/for the relationship. And often times the terms of love are tainted by the fucked up ways of this lifestyle. We had great times, he’s shown acts of selflessness, and he helped me greatly in ways money could never buy. It was just that final crossover point where we would become the real deal that always seemed to fuck up on his end. Now I’m not stupid by a long shot and I saw the signs a couple of yrs ago… It just took some serious time & frustration to get to the cut off point. It just got to the point where I asked myself if it would really make that much of a difference if he’s gone for good… And I answered yes, it would make the best of differences. Now I’ve given advice and used wisdom to assist others on this and similar topics… But when It’s on the reversed side and It’s actually your heart, It’s harder than just fuck that nigga! You can hear a billion people tell you to leave a million plus times but if that one heart and one that one brain don’t make that unified decision than you won’t leave. Your heart and mind must be ready most importantly.

    1. Next time, make sure that you find a dude who has himself together before you get your feelings involveds, that will help you out a whole lot.

    2. Star Fox, I for one applaud you because even after all of that, I dont think I would have left after 13yrs. Thats an eternity in this life when most relationships dont last 13 days. It takes real courage to step away from that security blanket after all these years. I dont see it no different than many married couples who have been together and face the same types of issues. I remember when I was younger I would always advise someone to leave a situation but as I have grown older I know that it is easier said than done. Only you know what its going to take to move on and you have to do it on your terms for it to last. Maybe this will be a wake up call for him to see what he had and I would not rule out talking it out and getting back together. I know I may be in the minority here but I think you may still be able to salvage this situation. I guess I am just looking at the time invested, and of course I dont know the bad side of this and it might be really bad and more than you would like to share but I say dont throw it all away so fast unless you see no hope. I speak from a place of throwing something away real fast instead of working on it and many nights I have sang Natalie Cole’s ” Im Catching Hell Living Here all Alone”

      Just a different perspective to think about. Good Luck to you in whatever the final outcome may be.

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