this is the day star fox died (and a part of me died as well)

“I’m about to cook,
but Ill call you later,
Big Brother.”

on the 27th,
back in 2013,
those were the last words i ever heard star fox say to me…

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that season that i wasn’t f*ckin with star fox anymore

as i watch “insecure” this season,
i totally get where issa and molly are coming from.
there was a point in star fox and i friendship where i said:

“I’m not fuckin’ with Star Fox anymore…”

i remember when we had our first official fight.
it was a big one after he left to go down to atlanta for school.

low-key: sometimes i wish he would have picked the high paying job,
but i knew he was restless and wanted to pursue his dreams.

it was a few months into when he arrived down south…

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unapologetic whore

Wolf Wallpapers

it all started when i saw “don’t cha” from pcd fly down my timeline the other day.
i said in a tweet:

“this song always made me feel like an unapologetic whore”

that has been my life tbh.
the dicks of taken wolves always got hard whenever i came around.
i will be transparent in admitting that i enjoyed the attention.
i told the pretty vixen about the song,
songs about being an unapologetic whore,
and we started to compile a playlist that match that vibe.
star fox use to be a huge unapologetic whore…

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star fox would have liked this.

i really miss my best friend.
there have been some days i can’t believe he’s dead.
i still can’t believe they took him from me.
someone i know,
who knows i’ve not gained an addiction to these damn funko pops,
sent me the following.
i nearly cried

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The Week Before He Died

i’ve been feeling so off this week.
i was sick,
but there was more going on too.
i did not understand why,
but i felt depressed for no reason at all.
things have been going pretty well.

job is going good
skin is looking like smooth caramel
money could be better but i’m not in struggle city
wolves on the streets been sniffing around my parts
going out alone and enjoying my own company
the foxhole has been engaging with great debate/topics

so what could possibly be bothering me?
as soon as i looked at the calendar

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