this is the day star fox died (and a part of me died as well)

“I’m about to cook,
but Ill call you later,
Big Brother.”

on the 27th,
back in 2013,
those were the last words i ever heard star fox say to me…

he was about to cook food for this memorial day cookout he was about to attend.
it would be hosted by the last jackals and hyenas to see him alive too.
i won’t lie but i felt jealous by his lack of attention those days.
every time i called,
he would be too busy to talk because he was hanging with his new “friends”.
he was living in atl and was starting to come up in his styling career.
he was styling on music videos and photo shoots of local artists,
it was causing alleged jealousy amongst those around him.
but he was listening to me when i told him to start building his resume.
he had ran through that forests,
fucked the finest of wolves atl had to offer,
but it was time to get serious.

On this date,
back in 2013,
was when he was killed.

“Did you hear about Star?”

those were the words i’ll never forget from a mutual friend on fb from out here.
i was informed about his death on the 30th when ( x i wrote this ).
he was busy in his new world and forest,
i used to days of us not speaking to texting.
she wrote his first name,
which is a common first name,
but i thought it was some other “star” that we knew.
my foxy senses started worrying because star fox wasn’t answering my calls.
when i hung the phone after my fourth call,
a notification from the fb messenger came through.
all i saw was:


i legit screamed and kept blowing up his phone.
i didn’t want to believe it.
one of the she-jackals answered and confirmed it was him.

allegedly in an argument,
he was pushed out of a window.
he died because he punctured his lung when he hit the ground.
if he survived,
he would have lost his leg which would have emotionally killed him.
his alleged last words from people on the scene were:

“What did you do?!
Look what you did!!!”

he was on life support,
but he ultimately ended up passing away.
the jackals and hyenas allegedly wiped his phone and stole a majority of his stuff.
a part of me died on this date in 2013.
i don’t think i really healed from his passing.
his death affected me more than my mother tbh.

this year feels stronger than other years since he has been gone.
i miss him terribly and memorial day weekend sucks.
May Star Fox continue to rest in power.

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Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “this is the day star fox died (and a part of me died as well)”

  1. OMG so sorry I remember you writing about this… I’m not sure if you want to reveal his real name and if not that’s okay but is there an update, like we’re his murderers ever brought to justice ?

  2. I know how much he means to you. I’m sorry that He transitioned in that manner but may He Rest in Peace and I pray that you’re okay and well on this Memorial Day weekend J.

  3. Wish I could give you a hug J, to have a friend lose his life and they wipe the evidence plus take his things. Nobody deserves that but GOD will deal with them. If he hasn’t already.

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