jd blackstone and atl tayh show us break up to make up sex on onlyfans?

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sexual tension.
you know what it feels like.
mr and mrs smith” (one of my fav movies) with brad and angelina is a great example.

i wanted to fuck both of them after watching this movie.
it’s tension between two people that want to smash but are holding back.
the tension manifests in anger for some folks.

Some males who are secretly attracted to you will treat you like shit,
ignore or ghost you,
and act hella weird which leaves you confused as to why.

it’s called “i want to smash you so hard but i’m straight and can’t feel like this“.
some are homophobic,
but sometimes i think homophobia is misdirected sexual tension.
remember when porn stars,
jd blackstone and atl tayh were out here fighting in the atl forests?
( x see that smoke here and here )
i mean,
legit pulled up and fought twice?
i guess all that smoke was strong sexual tension because



…jd decided to let atl tayh smash his brain cells out for us to see.

i’m all for a good story arc based off the sexual tension,
as i’ve seen it make some long-lasting couples that drip sex,
but this is kinda embarrassing for jd tbh.
i guess it’s all in the name of content,

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Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “jd blackstone and atl tayh show us break up to make up sex on onlyfans?”

  1. Idk why but I love a feminine top lol. It’s crazy bc I use to haaaate them when I was a teen. I guess you can call it growth? Anyway, s/o to them! Not a condom in sight 😔

  2. What’s up with this ‘Fighting ,Stabbings and F@cking?

    Didn’t another “Attentionista ” recently display this same type of twisted sexual interaction.

    [ Jamari posted a story in which one guy stabbed the other during or soon after sex ]

    I know couples argue and kiss and make up. However ,Its the violence that some of the Gays are highlighting that concerns me. I hope they don’t make this a trend and have others believing that this is acceptable in a relationship / hook up.

    1. You talking about Knockout and Malik Joseph. Knockout actually has a new boyfriend and they are trashing Rico and Fame as if Rico and Fame name coming out of their mouth.

  3. I agree with Black is beautiful and Disney. You will hate or love each other.Fight or don`t fight each other. Was this even worth it? Jamari, what happen to the guys from Twitter you posted like Donis and Marese?

  4. atl tayh is messy AF. He was even bad mouthing Milan Christopher. As for Fame & Rico, I am happy for them. It’s definitely not cool if they are being trashed by Knockout & his boyfriend

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