jason lee’s new friend gets a lead (the foxhole knows and can find all)

it’s the pecs showing in the shirt for me.
when you want to make someone jealous or feel regret,
the “next” should be an upgrade.
you should look like you are living your best life with them and getting worn tf out sexually.
remember this scene with jason lee of “hollywood unlocked” and his “new friend”?
i guess he wanted to look like he came up from ( x that last situation ).
he went to aruba with a wolf pack a week ago and:


the body language in this shot <
he looks “on the outside“.


 a foxholer sent me the lead to the alleged “new friend” and…


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his name is roanen campbell and he’s a model.
he is 6’3 and is signed with ( x wilhemina ).
he seems really immature but he’s something cause:

jason must have been the one who was wearing on his last nerve.

lowkey: can you wear out an escort sexually?
you get your money’s worth by fuckin’ them entirely stupid.
if i ever pay for an escort,
we fuckin’ fuckin’ and i’m suckin’ suckin’ until he is begging me to stop.
no pictures,
or evidence.

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Author: jamari fox

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31 thoughts on “jason lee’s new friend gets a lead (the foxhole knows and can find all)”

    1. How is he ‘gorgeous’? He’s just another carbon copy of your generic lightskin vapid fag. You fags have such wack standards I swear.

      1. Lol, I agree. It’s like gay men don’t acquire a more vast taste after high school. They’re still stuck on the pretty boys regardless if he doesn’t have a brain.

        1. It seems you don’t want gay men to broaden their horizons but just want pretty boys to be considered unnattractive. Is there really something wrong with finding the dude fine? It screams insecurity and envy on your part.

  1. He talking about he WHITE but steadily saying NIGGA. Fuck these pretty boys, Jason should’ve slapped him for that.

    1. “Jason should’ve slapped him for that.”

      Even if the boy was white, that wouldn’t have happened considering Jason Lee is a (suspected) colorist.

    2. jason the whale wouldn’t slap him for that because jason the whale is colorist himself. If you notice he only likes likes lightskin whores he can stick small his std ridden cheesy dick in. And gift them trips after. Yuck.

    3. I would have packed my bags and left that shit coloured punk in the middle of the night. Cancelled his return ticket and left that cunt a note telling him to swim his want to be white, will never be white ass home on a shark’s back..

  2. You can tell, he is not into Jason AT ALL. He wants the other young guy. I’m sure they smashed while Jason was drunk somewhere. I don’t think Jason invited him because when somebody has that aura that they not feeling you, something else is keeping you there. Can’t say its the trip either because he is a model with a good company so he goes on trips like that often. Look at the body language in on of the pics, he is on the opposite side way on the other side of Jason and got his arm around the young dude. All this is saying is that Jason is attracted to somebody plus one.

  3. Lowkey, he’s right tho…when it comes to modeling at least, it’s seems either the light-skinned biracial and racially-ambiguous boys or the very dark-skinned often with exaggerated features (see Omar Sesay) are “in” these days. LOL, I guess us “regular schmegular,” medium-toned blacks is “out of fashion”…

    1. Thank you so much for telling me to search him up. He is fine as I don’t know what! Thank you so much…

    1. Exzzzzzactly. Like what is wrong with everybody? Do they not see him? The flyest one in the fckn pic.

  4. Yawwwwnnnnnn. Another narcissistic lightskin instathot whore who has no intelligence, no education, no degree(s) or real skills. So they have to resort to sleeping with old std ridden bloated fags like jason for perks and the ‘lavish’ life. Everytime I come here I’m reminded why I don’t like gay men. Fucking embarrassing, degrading group of people.

    1. You can leave….the last thing this blog needs is some bitter queen projecting their insecurities in the comments.

  5. They’re not the most attractive. There’s no problem with him dating younger. I just wonder why he dates younger who seem to have no foundationThey’re his for the weekend for the right price. Different game when you date someone who can take care of themselves without sponsors. Jason must enjoy dating men he feels he has more than and can control.

  6. Poor Jason, but it is the treatment he deserves for being a shitty as person, especially after the way he treated that other guy he flew out. This man he got now is attractive as hell but it doesn’t seem to be anything else interesting about him.

  7. Jason’s no different from any other man who comes into a bit of money, buying some instathot’s attention. Flewin them out places.

  8. At first I didn’t get it but I when I saw that tik tok, I got it. OOOOH he fine, beautiful skin colour! I need to get me a cute spray tan because I just give green.

  9. Yall are being ridiculous. Did Jason Lee hang out with the young man that came to see him before their rendezvous? No. Because he doesn’t hang out with his potential lovers. He hangs out with these guys like buddies. Jason acts like Peter Pan with his lost boys.

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