“that’s me! i ain’t no a catfish! it’s a filter homie!” the kinda sorta maybe catfish said.

when i saw to be on the apps heavy,
i remember meeting this wolf jackal from another state.
the first night he arrived,
we were to link and probably fuck.
from what i remember from the pic he showed me,
he was really attractive.
he wasn’t “a fantasy“,
but he was a cute regula degula.
or so i thought.
when we met tho…

He definitely didn’t look like his pics.

you could tell he smoked way too much and had boils all over his skin.
he made me physically sick and something was sketch with him,
but he fiending to smash me that night.
i remember a “friend” i texted to bail me out telling me to sleep with him,
regardless of how grossed out and uncomfortable i was,
because i didn’t have dick in a while.

i couldn’t even eat at the restaurant because i couldn’t stop looking at his boils.
i had star fox call and lie about some made-up situation so i could dip.
there will be no touching jamari fox tonight.
there were also “bangles” and “honey bunny” that fooled me off the apps.

folks catfish out here.
even with filters,
they made themselves look as flawless as possible when they aren’t.
this video kinda sums up how a catfish worked between two males who met up:

the dude in the pics looks similar,
but he doesn’t look as fly as the gentleman in the pics.
it was a good copy but no sale.

i’ve met a lot of wolves who looked better than their pics.
some had no pics at all and they were the wonderful surprise out the cracker jack box.

I’ll admit I fucked them all.

the catfishing be out of control.

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Author: jamari fox

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16 thoughts on ““that’s me! i ain’t no a catfish! it’s a filter homie!” the kinda sorta maybe catfish said.”

    1. ^my thing is like this,
      if i meet a wolf,
      the vibes are right,
      and i want a nightcap of his dick,
      then we can smash.
      if we never speak again then it’s whatever.
      we both got what we wanted.

      i don’t fuck anyone who tries to pressure me into sex.
      i only hold off if i don’t feel like it or the vibes are off.
      if i’m attracted to someone,
      i’m dtf.

      1. 🗣🗣🗣

        I’m always dtf so I purposely befriend ugly dudes so I don’t have that problem. I have a platonic friend who didn’t start out that way because he OD annoyed the shit out of me but now we’ve come to a place where I’m secretly debating if I want to suck his dick or ride him to glory.

    2. Right. Jamari out here takin down all the menz. No wonder the rest of us Nyers can’t find a date lol

      1. You should do a post about the other end of the spectrum and the hesitance a lot of guys have about sex. Social media would have everyone thinking that every half decent looking gay man is fukn n sukn 24/7, but there are a lot of us who are extremely hesitant when it comes to dna mixing. Just a thought…

  1. Even scarier is when somebody Steals your picture. It lead me to make my pictures private. I confronted the dude and he insisted my photo was him. It was very disturbing for me.

      1. It was on a popular dating site. I saw my image under someone else’s profile other than me and was shocked! So, I messaged him asking “why are you using my pic?”.

        This deranged looney replied…” what are you talking about … this is my picture”.

        I contacted the sites management and they made me prove I was me. Next, they urged him to stop using my photo or be banned!!

  2. I don’t do catfishes. Either come correct or get friend zoned or dismissed entirely.

  3. 0:14 if you pause the video, that guy is NOT bad looking at all! I get “catfishing” is wrong, but dude videoing seems like a fuckin asshole, like why would let him in your house or step into his If you ain’t like what you saw?

    1. Right! That’s what I said too. He aint horrible looking. But you know, some people have internalized trauma and self-hate that they have to work on. He probably coulda been called “ugly” and all kinds of seeds of toxicity been sown into his spirit since childhood. You’d be surprised how many Insta-fame thirst traps and influencers be so obsessed over superficial things like sex appeal, image, and the appearance of wealth because their spirits been implanted with seeds of insecurity, trauma, etc since childhood.

  4. Well, yes, if someone is giving Idris Elba in their photos and when I open my door, Im meeting Bobby Lytes, yeah, that’s a problem. Whenever I do venture out into the forests for a frolick or two, I try to be as upfront and direct as possible, cuz Im not trying to waste time on men who dont want me and/or I dont want them. I purposefully do this to weed out the psychos and time wasters, cuz there are plenty of them lurking on the apps and dating sites. But I will say this. Some people are not very photogenic. I happen to look much better in person than I do in any photos IMO. The lighting and angles can make someone’s photo appear a little different from what they normally look like in real life. I mean, not no Michael Jackson Black or White difference but as a light skinned Black person, I can be high yellow in the Winter and turn dark reddish brown in the peak of Summer. Plus, if they wearing a hat or shades in their photo, that can also affect the perception of their appearance. Case in point, I meet up with someone off the apps, showed my REAL recent pics, one full face, one with a hat on, etc. Finally we meet up and he aint say anything but was acting all quiet and weird and wouldnt get hard when we was trying to smash. I got turned off, ended the evening early and dropped his ass off back home. Tell me why the next day, he started accusing me of catfishing because I was darker than my photos? And I was like, dude are you serious right now? You sound like you smoke crack right now? You understand people can also tan and get darker in the sunlight right? BTW dude was a very pale white/Puerto Rican mixed dude who said he thought I wasnt “too black”. Ugh, I was just completely turned off by that color-struck dumbass THOT. That’s why now, if my Spidey senses start tingling when dealing with a potential hook up, I usually ask to Facetime or Skype or phone call BEFORE meeting in person. But yall should be doing that anyway cuz you know the homophobic psychos like to pretend to be thirst traps to rob and kill people on the dating apps and websites.

  5. who is this guy fooling with that “its just the filter bro”. It’s time to meet guys at the club and Supermarket. I had enough with the apps with profiles having to many clues that you are being taken

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