“that’s me! i ain’t no a catfish! it’s a filter homie!” the kinda sorta maybe catfish said.

when i saw to be on the apps heavy,
i remember meeting this wolf jackal from another state.
the first night he arrived,
we were to link and probably fuck.
from what i remember from the pic he showed me,
he was really attractive.
he wasn’t “a fantasy“,
but he was a cute regula degula.
or so i thought.
when we met tho…

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flashman wade is a catfish nightmare

folks still catfish nowadays?
i never understood how that is still going on in with “facetime”.
video dms.
well foxhole fav,
flashman wade,
was on television recently.
mtv’s “catfish”.
a vix-bi sent me the video of him confronting his catfish.
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So @StyleByTariq Didn’t Smash Tyrone Hankerson Jr? (Thought So)

this catfish bs has gooooottttt to stop.
so remember this entry:


he fonted on twitter that:

he allegedly had sex with tyrone hankerson jr
his “box” was top 5
he ended getting his wallet stolen after by tyrone

my foxy senses didn’t believe it.
well ya’ll jumped started that investigation after that.
a foxholer sent me this email…
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(Oh Jesus) Ray Allen Gets Gamed?

i think retired nba baller wolf,
ray allen,
is so sexy.
i think he was sexy af now and his younger years.

something about his lips.
he’s also a freak who loves to allegedly creep online.
remember when he tweeted this by mistake?

i think he was one of the first baller wolf scandals on twitter.
i bet his dms are so lit.
well jesus shuttlesworth got caught up again.
this time,
he claims he got catfished by…
i’ll let the new york post tell it…
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“You Were Supposed To Have A Pussy!”: Another Catfish Tale

folks still out here catfishing?
i thought that was a thing of the past.
with snapchat and insta-snap,
i’m shocked that is even still going on.
well a straight wolf got caught up in a catfish-uation that went left.
by “left”,
i mean someone nearly had a few bullets in their tails.
an f-bi sent me the story via daily mail…
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Who Was The “Catfish” In This Episode?

tumblr_n5oc48o4Au1sssit3o1_500i guess this trumped only talking to wolves with no default pictures.
i just turned on the latest catfish and you know i already can’t.

so i missed catfish this week.
i feel asleep or something.
either way an f-bi sent me an email asking me if i watched.
“what in the hell????”
my first thought as it starts.
so people still meeting wolves on the partyline still?
and if frick and frack are what dwells on the PL…