flashman wade is a catfish nightmare

folks still catfish nowadays?
i never understood how that is still going on in with “facetime”.
video dms.
well foxhole fav,
flashman wade,
was on television recently.
mtv’s “catfish”.
a vix-bi sent me the video of him confronting his catfish.

how pathetic.
i guess they thought he’d be ok with the shits.

lowkey: surprisingly,
this happens quite a lot from what i’ve been told.
the baiters allegedly would do this.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

30 thoughts on “flashman wade is a catfish nightmare”

    1. They worked with each other on one of Dallas’ youtube videos. For a guy who wanted a chance to meet him, they already were friends so i really don’t think this was legit.

  1. Ya know I don’t want to assume anything but as I was watching this I got a sense that this was not a natural occurrence I believe this is staged by the producers of the show because it’s no way this man could have been catfished I’m sorry but I smell bullshit and I so want to be wrong but I just can’t help this feeling and by the way this show further perpetuate the idea that homosexuals are desperate and pathetic and have no morals or boundaries and it also further perpetuate the idea if you don’t fit into an ideal package whether gay or straight you as a human being is just unfit for dating and relationships and shows like this only serves to fuck with peoples self esteem and how they perceive their worth as a person.

      1. See I figured something was up with that thank you for the confirmation because my spidey senses was going in to overdrive lol! So I tip my hat off to you sir much respect to ya it’s always nice to have receipts laying around and it also further proves my point about how homosexuals are portrayed this man Flash Wade has no respect for you as gay men so please do yourself a favor if you have any respect for yourself stop supporting him and putting men like him on a pedestal this should send a clear strong enough message about how they feel about you and catfish oaught to be ashamed of themselves for putting that out into the air.

          1. Oh yeah Jamari you already know lol! I say hey if it don’t smell right it’s bullshit lol!

  2. Now how did he end up on here? I know he is smarter than that. I am glad that woman called him out about the way he portrays himself on onlyfans account, and the way the takes advantage of gay men. I noticed he did not have much to say about that because he knew it was wrong.

  3. So this is Wade’s latest stunt to stay relevant, huh? I guess people are bored now after you showed the only thing they were ever interested in you for…your ass.

    I won’t judge too hard as the man’s got bills to pay…

  4. To come to Wade’s defense, he wouldn’t be able to “exploit” the gay community if said community wasn’t obsessed with straight men in the first place…He’s only supplying a demand.

      1. If the gay dude actually thought Wade was into men, why did he use his friend’s pics and not his own or another dude’s?

        The fact is gay men know Wade’s straight, so why go into his (or any other straight dude’s) dms and then be surprised when he tells you the obvious…it’s a waste of time.

        1. It’s fake. They knew and worked with each other before on skits for Dallas’ channel. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if this was all concocted by him.

    1. @Fanon OKAY! Its not his fault that there are some thirsty gay men out there who are willing to spend their extra change just to watch “X rated” videos of him.

  5. To quote Samantha from Sex and the City: “First come the gays ; then come the girls”. She said that to explain to a male model she was dating why he had so many gay fans. The truth is if you’re in fashion and modeling then most of the people in power are gay men. There is nothing wrong with him marketing to the demographic that’s going to spend the most money and benefit his career.

  6. Glad I peeked the comments before getting in my feelz about this video clip. It’s a PR stunt for Dallas and his “Brand.”

    Dallas is a straight biracial man with a white mother. He knows the gay guy personally and is okay with the gay community. This was simply a desperate stunt by Dallas to revitalize his brand. Notice his OnlyFans is plugged several times throughout the segment.

    1. Yes! I thought she same thing. He’s getting washed up quick and becoming a LA “DL” hoe. I hear sooo much about him….

  7. Yooooooo This is fake …. I’m 95% sure that the house they conducted the sitdown portion with the girl was actuallly Dallas’s house. Dude is a weirdo

  8. I had so many thoughts watching this. I instantly knew he just wanted to be on TV. A lot of Dallas behavior and his machismo on the episode felt so put on. Like girl, stop it… that voice is still there. And I kinda raised an eyebrow at his “roommate” and their banter about a 3some. And I cackled at him playing down his attention whoring ways and the “catfish” putting him on blast about his onlyfans page. He said his “fanbase” was 55% guys more like 90%. He knows who paying his bills. This episode was nothing more than a commerical for his onlyfans page who like what they saw on the episode because his acting was shit lmao. And this did nothing to prove that he’s not bi.

  9. Dallas looks so different in video, almost…. not even the same. Dallas is a catfish himself. Gross. She definitely edits the hell outta his pics

    1. @Josh

      Like all 90 percent of people who post on Instagram I’m sure he edits his photos. That makes him normal not abnormal. And yes, Dallas has added a few pounds but the boy is still beautiful. We should always critique social media influencers but we shouldn’t be cruel unless it’s warranted.

  10. Catfish my azz! They all knew one another and wanted to used the show as a clout platform. Blondie sure pulled his card though… said everything we’ve all been saying about these pandering attentionistos since the inception of Jamari’s site.

    Flashman is a Catfish his damn self! He has the personality of a rubber band. I don’t think the boy formed one coherent sentence the entire episode. Sis is out here giving yall Capricorns a bad name with his awkward, can’t speak over 140 characters behind.

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