steph curry and ayesha curry: the freaks come out on ig

steph curry and ayesha curry look like lowkey freaks.
don’t let the bland facade fool you.
they look like they get it in once the bedroom door is closed.
they wanted to show us how sexy they can get.
this picture that was recently posted of them on vacation tho…


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Vacation vibes with my one and only 😍 like dat!

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well okay thennnn.
“do you see what i seeeeeeeeeee…”
he looks harder than chinese arithmetic.

she looks like the type that has a smart mouth.
like look what she left under the picture:

she always struck me as that type of vixen.
the one that will pop off and your wolf gotta fuck you into a better attitude.
i love that shit.
i love the idea of getting fucked into a better attitude.

something about make up sex drives me crazy.
they got about 3 kids so you know they like to rumble.
i’ll allow it.
it be those unsuspecting folks and couples mang.
don’t ever be fooled.

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6 thoughts on “steph curry and ayesha curry: the freaks come out on ig”

  1. That yella’ banana hard as fuk, yo!!…from my projections and calculations is it possible the leakage a month ago was on point??👀

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