boosie is very worried how dwyane wade is raising his trans child

straight males who are always worried about gay/trans life make me nervous.
don’t you have straight business to attend to?
i’m sure there is some random who needs to be knocked up somewhere.
who seems to always be worried about folks in the life,
is upset with dwyane wade today.
this rant that was posted on his ig and well…


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i know i been going through it and all,
but did i miss the memo of dwyane cutting off zaya’s privates?
will he be doing the operation himself or…?

there is the possibility that zaya could transition back.
what we like at 12 can change at 24.
nothing is set in stone as life develops.
that is zaya’s choice and i’m sure her family will embrace the change.
as for boosie:

that’s his alleged daughter.
worry about ^this situation.

11 thoughts on “boosie is very worried how dwyane wade is raising his trans child

  1. I really wish Dwayne would just be quiet. Nobody needs to know how you raise your child. This just opens the door for so much ignorance and malice to be had at the poor child’s expense. A child cannot tell me what gender they are or who they are sexually into because a child should be worried about other things than that. Why are we so quick to turn our children into adults when they haven’t developed into that yet? Just a mess.

    We have to protect a child’s innocence and not allow them to be misguided into something else.

    1. Do you remember what it’s like to be 12? That’s is when you start going through puberty and you start having questions about your body and sex. A good parent child.relationship is one where the child feels comfortable to discuss these questions with his parents. Dwayne doesn’t appear to be pushing anything onto Zaya. He is just giving Zaya room to express herself. The fact that that makes people uncomfortable truly says a lot about the people who are upset.

  2. As someone commented on The Root’s post on this:

    “Dude says some variation of the “cut [their] dick off” thing at least four times (according to the article, I’m totally disinterested in actually watching the video).

    Seems like he’s hyper-fixated on it, which says a lot more about him and his insecurities than it does about Zaya or Wade.”

  3. Your write up basically shows that once again you need not comment on trans issues, you sound just as ignorant as him.

  4. Adair Curtis, a close friend of Dywane and Gabrielle, said Zaya is not on hormones and there are no plans for her to have surgery.Dywane and Gabrielle will get advice from experts on gender identity issues and members of the trans community. Not from a father who thinks having a woman perform oral sex on his 14 year son is an appropriate birthday gift.

  5. Boosie is ALWAYS worried about Gay issues. Bruh come out of the closet already. Who the fuck made him the spokesperson on how to properly raise a child. Nigga got more baggage than Southwest Airlines but trying to preach. Supposedly straight Black Men crack me tf up

  6. Boosie is kinda right he or she is a child…Period!
    If they wanted to be a prostitute would Dwayne and his boring wife be ok with it too.
    A child’s mind at 12 is still discovering and figuring out who they are.
    At 18 they might want to be a man then what.
    Be a parent and stop giving a child so much freedom because the world says everything is NORMAL!

    1. I don’t know how y’all can take Lil Boosie seriously?! Y’all know the LGBT is his favorite topic. The only time anyone pays attention to him is when he’s talking about gays.

  7. The Wade’s said nothing about Zaya losing Zion dick. All they said was they support Zaya and the way Zaya wants to be in the world. When Zaya gets to that point of actually wanting to cut that off, that’s Zaya’s decision. I’m sure Dwayne and Gab talked to Zaya about that but come on now. This is ridiculous. Boosie more worried about Zaya dick than his own. Why he want Zaya to keep her dick. If she want to play with her dick and find out what she like, that’s on Zaya. He just clout chasing that’s all and I’m sure Dwayne and Gab ain’t worried about Boosie and his community dick.

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