“I’m gonna put my load in her with your load in my cheeks.”

how many foxholers have messed with a married dl male?
don’t be shy.
this is a safe space.
married dl males are usually the quickest to bag.
i don’t mess with them anymore,
but when i was young and in these forest streets,
that was all i seemed to attract.
it was fun in getting dinners and shit,
but at some point,
you realize it’s really fucked up.
so i saw a video on twitter that was a realistic experience for many.
it showed someone bagging a married dl male.

my man saidddd:

“I’m gonna put my load in her with your load in my ass.”

that’s pretty tame to some of the disrespectful shiti’ve been told.
i’m so mad this is happening in his garage tho.
he is a bold fucker.
my thing is…

Why even get married in the first place?

is it the thrill that they can’t get while being single?
cheating is usually more exciting for all orientations these days. 
i hope they were wearing condoms,
but i won’t hold my breath.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

28 thoughts on ““I’m gonna put my load in her with your load in my cheeks.””

  1. what is it about doughy, pasty pale, frail, wretched looking white man the niggas find irresistible? Like, are they being paid??

  2. Jamari!!!! I can’t with this man I screamed to the top of my lungs because I was not expecting this now that’s a trifling mothafucka and I hope his wife gets wind of this and take half his shit!😤😤😤

      1. Not just that jamari but goddamn at least have some respect for the kids and the wife the kids were in the house while he’s having sex with another man and how he would have been able to explain that to his children? Man I’m so glad I’m not the wife he would have died that night, sorry but not sorry.😤😤😤

        1. ^id imagine that would be a shocker to most.

          you going to get juice and walk into your hubby getting banged out in a jock strap.
          heart attack here we come.

  3. SMDH, foul af but nothing new. The fact that he laughed after he said it is was sent me. Probably didn’t wear protection! Looks like one of them thrill dump n go hookups

  4. So I saw the entire video a while back, and afterwards he says some really disrespectful shit about black people! That makes me just want to find his wife & send her this vid anonymously

    1. The twitter page has 2 other parts and ending with the dude leaving. IDK if there’s an extended part after that but I didn’t hear anything abut black guys.

      That said, I’m am confused how someone can wear a jockstrap- whose primary function is to hoist your ass up- and still look like you have no ass. That guy has a Hank Hill ass. Not shaming (and definitely not interested) , just low-key surprised. Kinda thought being that size would at least give you the slightest hint of booty but apparently not.

      1. I don’t know what it is about white guys but it’s just not in their genetics to have a butt lol

    2. Its been proven just because they have friends” of color and the fuck folks of color trust they all have a high percentage of racial discrimination in them it’s in there DNA that’s why I dont fuck with pigs period

  5. Please. My best friend is in the army. When he was stationed in Fort Bragg, he used to talk to a dude that used to beg my friend to bring his 1yr old son with him so the son could see his dad get slurped up by another dude. And dude thought it was okay cause the baby couldn’t talk.

    You have a lot of ppl that live these dbl lives and shit, but in order to keep the charade up, they gotta incorporate other ppl into the lie. It won’t stand otherwise. I just feel bad for the women who have to go thru this stuff and this actually happens to. If you are attracted to other males, just live ya life and go in peace . No need to make me feel inadequate or less than because I can’t fulfill your wants.

    1. Your friend was entertaining a pedophile and should have been ashamed to tell you that story.

      1. This, so much this. WTF!!!??? Do you but don’t involve your kids. Jesus christ that is disturbing on so many levels and if it’s anyone’s fantasy they need to be looked into.

  6. Oh the shit gone hit the fan tho once somebody he know see recognize him. That nice house on the cul de sac, truck, & boat all gone. The little league baseball team he coach all gone. Maybe even his job gone. Whole world gone change. If you like dick just admit it, why marry someone & subject them to the embarrassment once all is revealed.

  7. Where do I start with this story?

    Certain things are just “WRONG”.. I am not perfect, but there are lines I don’t cross.

    1) Married men,
    2) Kids,
    3) Sending D$ck Pics
    4) Bestiality !!!!!! ( ha ha ha ha )

    I’m open to most other stuff…..well as of this writing ( ha ha ha )

  8. These men have no shame at all and engage in these activities like it is nothing. The worst apart about it that married men usually don’t use protection or any other preventative measures to protect themselves and their spouses from STDs. I ain’t never been the kind to sleep with someone in a relationship because I would not want someone to impede on my relationship or marriage.

  9. I’ve messed with one married man, but I didn’t know he was married. I stopped dealing with him. I don’t support cheaters. If he do it to her, he’ll do it to you.

    1. True
      I think black men became the face of the DL after J.L.King wrote that book “On the Down Low” and appeared on Oprah Winfrey Show about 15 years ago.You’re right men of all races have been in public relationships/marriages with women while having sex with men on the DL, forever.

      Years ago married NJ Governor Jim McGreevey was on Oprah Winfrey Show, he admitted meeting men at rest stops for sex,having an affair with a male assistant yet no article described him as the former DL Governor.Even though he appeared on the Oprah Show after that “On the Down Low” book was a best seller.Why? Because he was white.I don’t think I’ve heard any of these white married politicians,ministers,etc.who have been caught having sex with men described as being on the DL.

      This is why that myth exists that black or brown men are on the DL when there are men of all races on the DL including the SOB in this video.He is a SOB because if he wants that top’s load then they are having raw sex.So that mean if that top has a STI/STD he can pass to the husband who can then infect his unsuspecting wife.SMH

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