royal g wants some of the gay community to stop harassing him

i need folks to understand social ques and boundaries.
some folks feel like they can be as bold as they want to be because someone is sexy.

Hate to see it

royal g,
one of the foxhole favs,
was pretty annoyed yesterday that he took the following to his ig stories

some folks are so insulted and it’s ruined their lunch.
i’m like it’s gonna be okay.
he wasn’t disrespectful in asking for respect.

Is that so wrong?

i can’t font for anyone else,
but as much shit as i font on the foxhole,
i’m very reserved when it comes to dms with these wolves and attentionistos.
many of them have shown me love and i’ve responded with a “heart” or my favorite:

if you respond back with some flirting,
i’m always down to flirt with a fine ass pineapple.
other than that,
that is as far as i’d go.
i just started leaving comments.
unless it’s established,
i’m never gonna hit up a random and be like:

“Yo I’d love to suck the skin off your whole dick”

or “gay”.
folks reallllly need to remember the last person who was open to it isn’t this person.

lowkey: i hate this excuse…

“He shouldn’t be naked if he didn’t want folks hitting him up”

that sounds so #metoo.
it’s no different than some vixen getting harassed for wearing a skirt in the summer.
cut it out.

pictures cc: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

25 thoughts on “royal g wants some of the gay community to stop harassing him”

  1. The gag is he is though adirtylittlesecret exposed him on tumblr as apart of the dl la fitness niggas king ago and ect but let him live

    1. ^oh was he?

      well if he still doesn’t want to be harassed,
      then they should still respect his wishes.
      plenty of gay males don’t even like it when it’s happening to them too.

      1. He has hung out with Steven Beck I’m convinced Steven hops in bed with any of this fitness guys he hangs out with … I remember he ruined that one guys marriage

  2. Though I never have, nor will DM a person and think “SOME” Straight and Gay Males and Females can be Too Aggressive.

    It kinda comes with the whole Social Media environment. .

    .Shut up and move on ( ha ha ha )

  3. Oh Jamari you have much to learn. Any straight man comfortable in his skin would get cocky off of it, maybe show his friends saying even guys want him, not accept the DM and move on. Only DL guys do this. it’s a reverse psychology way of saying “GUYS DM ME! TOO MANY CHICKS IN MY DMS!!”


    This, the “Ladies Only”…all a ploy.

  4. ok i’m confused. are we to believe the twitter account ( is fake that opened in October? then how is he offering live naked fitness shows etc? I don’t think anybody can highjack that much content and those many pics and be fake for a live naked fitness show. is his audience supposed to be all women? I don’t think so but many of them say one thing and do another depending on the audience and platform

    1. Dont believe the Hype on these Twitter Accounts, nearly every popular Black Attentionista has one of these fake accounts that someone steals all of their pics and then promotes Nude Live Shows. The person never knows and the Credit Card Processor is in another country, so you never get your money back. It is a common problem on Twitter. They use fake dick pics to lure unsuspecting customers in the trap. I can guarantee Royale has no idea. I just saw one last night for this popular Instagram dude name Kingedcam, apparently he got wind of it because the website at least is shut down, the fake Twitter is still up. The danger of being popular and hot is that this will happen, people are gullible to see these dudes they fantasize about.

  5. Who is he again? I saw picture of his ass on one of these posts and said it looked nice but he’s hardly anything to obsess over. I mean he has a nice body but so do hundreds of other people on Instagram..🙄

    I could care less about him and his image and I’m sure others feel the same. Don’t nobody care if you are gay or bi..There are plenty of well-built gay and bi men in the community already.

    We don’t need the ‘Im straight’ speeches. Most of caus could care less if your were straight, square or a polygon.

    A simple, DM me for business, modeling inquiries only. Anyone doesn’t follow that, IG allows you to filter and block DMs

    Usually, when someone says, “No offense” they mean the opposite which he clearly expressed with GTFO.

    Also, I “personally” feel like society needs to stop cradling these people for their wish-washy principals, mainly the men.

    What sense does it make to get on a public platform and take pictures of your ass and everything out for the public to see and then complain about the actual public commenting on it and sending your direct messages?

    Is water wet?

    You are taking sexually suggestive pictures to entice people. What do you expect?

    Also, he can control who comments on his posts, it’s called ‘Disable Comments.’ Maybe it fuels his ego or something? Idk.

    If he is DL, he’s not very smart about it. DL men try to keep as low as possible and stick to public places.. I’ll take his word for it and accept that he’s straight.

    Chile, these men grow beards and pay Planet Fitness fees and automatically think they finest things on this Earth.

    1. Chile, these men grow beards and pay Planet Fitness fees and automatically think they finest things on this Earth.

      ^^ 🗣️ Louder please! All facts.

  6. Yes he is fine but I wouldn’t sweat him or anyone for that matter your approach needs to be different like dont respond I mean dm is how you connect now days period

  7. I’m sure he receives thirsty, inappropriate comments from “unattractive” women or women he deems unattractive.Just like he ignores DMs from women who he doesn’t find attractive or women who are too aggressive he can ignore the DMs from men.

    I follow several attractive openly gay guys who get thirsty comments from women and some of them have mentioned getting raunchy DMs from women.I have never seen any of them post a statement telling women to be more respectful,to stop sending pics of their breasts and genitalia trying to convert these guys to heterosexuals.

  8. Looking at that Twitter page & then the linked naked workout page, it seems dude may be getting catfished hard, for somebody else’s greed and clout. I can believe him having an OF or JFF page and showing semi-nude photos, but that Twitter page has him asking for “loads” in his @ss. WTF?

    Ain’t no “straight”/hetero brutha asking a man or woman for that. If he doesn’t know about that Twitter page maybe that’s why he’s getting those thirsty DMs from dudes, but some people will try to shoot with any man esp. if they think he’s straight or he claims to be.

  9. All he has to do is “Only” accept DM’s from people he follows…end of conversation!
    Yes, he is a hot 🔥🔥 but is he the only one on social media that gets us wet…HELL NO!
    The list is endless. We must respect each other at the end of the day!
    2020 is here and I’m very sure a new younger hot boy is coming to get ALL of our attention. 😉

  10. Fuck him. Stop posting sexually suggestive photos. Women can be aggressive and men can too. When you put yourself out there its part of the territory. If he is so straight no amount of convincing from a gay man will turn him. And as others said he can turn off comments.

    1. He’s not gonna turn off the comments cause like all attentionistos he likes being praised and worship. That’s why these straight guys thirsttrap so damn much.

  11. I never knew he was straight. We have discussed him over the years, but I didn’t think anything was confirmed. Either way, it is not as simple as he should expect certain kind of comments since he posts suggestive photos. It is a certain way you approach and address people and too many people miss the point. Also, these guys are making money off some of these photos, so in their minds, they consider all of it to be work.

  12. Do you ever see gay guys go crazy when a woman tries to hit on a gay guy? I get that gays should respect straights but i wonder why can’t these straight men in particular can’t just IGNORE these guys or find a different approach to it all. Maybe I’m living in a fantasy world but stuff like this rubs me wrong.

  13. Lol people still check for him? I unfollowed him years ago. These dudes are one IG account away from being nobodies. The last thing I’ll ever do is gas egotistical people who sell ass online. You are a dime a dozen sir.

  14. Will always say it. Gays spend so much energy boosting and thirsting over these dime a dozen insta-meat basics who always jump at the opportunity to break their faces. Not literally but in ways like this. He’s not my speed at all but this reaction didn’t surprise me.

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