leveon bell gets a different kind of leakage

nfl baller wolf for the ny jets,
leveon bell,
doesn’t play with these hoes.
he is a straight shooter in getting what he wants sexually.
that type of cockiness makes him sexy af to me:


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260 right? ????

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well leveon got some alleged leakage today from snapchat.
it was from ig she-jackal,
celina powell:

…who has a history of leaking those she fucks with.
this is what was sent to me via “gossip in the city“…

she really wanted that pipe.
he just wanted head.
my favorite part:

“hopefully you cum in me too.”

“lol uhm… no”

i’m loved how he responded “in your mouth tho“.
i love a wolf who gets to the meat and potatoes.

she “flirts” like a 18 year old.
i’m surprised he didn’t block her.
he was getting to the point and she was doing too much.

He asks “WYA”.
You want some dick.
Type up “when” and “where”.

i guess he wanted to risk it all for that head action.

lowkey: i wish we could have gotten some pipe leakage.
leveon looks like he knows how to put it down.

pictures cc: gotc | leveon bell | celina powell

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  1. That’s still lame as fuck. If you bout to smash vip peen, why promote it? Oh. Cause everybody in the entertainment industry passes around the same 7 holes (I’m lookin at you Lori Harvey and Milan Christopher. 👀) so this is promotion for her. She’s a lame still.

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