work us out, yahya abdul-mateen II, work us tf out

ever since ^this wolf showed up and out on hbo “watchmen”,
yahya abdul-mateen II stock has climbed higher and higher.
( x see why here )
well he uploaded a video to his ig of his work out regiment and well…



everything just looks so good on him.

Am i the only one who would love to see him play Marvin Gaye?

if they ever come out with the casting for a biopic of marvin,
yahya should be #1 on that casting sheet.


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Merry Chrimmuh, Baby! Let’s get it on!

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love to see it.

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8 thoughts on “work us out, yahya abdul-mateen II, work us tf out”

  1. Ummm….”positive discomfort” he calls it.. How amusing…🤨

    I mean he has nice back muscles and a nice masculine butt…I guess.😕

    It looked nice in the clips I saw from the links.

    I really don’t be knowing nothing about these weird shows. I do remember the movie a little and I’m guessing this is Dr. Manhattan? It’s the one with the naked blue man. I didn’t know he was black though. I’ll try to watch it and see if I like it. I tried watching the Boys but it was a no.

  2. So instead of watching a link. If you have HBO Now or HBO Go, Season 1, Episode 8, at the 26:00 mark is where he first appear naked. If you have a HD/LED/4K Tv as he walks into Adrian Veidt place, you can see his real dick bouncing as he walks. They show what looks like a prosthetic dick but if it is he his real dick, then he is in fact blessed and packing some meat. I watched the movie and this series really updates it. Dr. Manhattan has evolved to look like anybody who he wants to look like. He asked Angela who would she feel comfortable being with and she chose a dead black guy with no family. What got me is how they told how her Grandfather was. I see HBO is loving showing male nudity for their series. That dick may be fake but that ass is definitely real bouncing like that.

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