work us out, yahya abdul-mateen II, work us tf out

ever since ^this wolf showed up and out on hbo “watchmen”,
yahya abdul-mateen II stock has climbed higher and higher.
( x see why here )
well he uploaded a video to his ig of his work out regiment and well…

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Jamari’s Single Bottom Work Out Plan!

So you are single….

Guess what? Me too! Isn’t it fun?

Well, not really, especially on those lonely rainy nights when you want to be cuddled up with someone (preferably built like a quarter back for the Redskins). That is when being single can be a real drag. But, being single should not be that much of a downer.

It can actually be fun.

No. I am not drunk, high, or in the middle of a nervous breakdown.

Nope. I am in the middle of my single Jamari’s journey and working on the man you have come to love named:¬†Jamari Fox. So that when Daddy comes, I am a fucking super hero to his ass.

I Cook. I Clean. AND I having a nice tite ass. Up, Up, and Away!

Ok corny…lol

I have put together a list of things we can all work on.

I’ll share some tips with my fellow bottoms so that we can get em AND keep em.

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