Jamari’s Single Bottom Work Out Plan!

So you are single….

Guess what? Me too! Isn’t it fun?

Well, not really, especially on those lonely rainy nights when you want to be cuddled up with someone (preferably built like a quarter back for the Redskins). That is when being single can be a real drag. But, being single should not be that much of a downer.

It can actually be fun.

No. I am not drunk, high, or in the middle of a nervous breakdown.

Nope. I am in the middle of my single Jamari’s journey and working on the man you have come to love named: Jamari Fox. So that when Daddy comes, I am a fucking super hero to his ass.

I Cook. I Clean. AND I having a nice tite ass. Up, Up, and Away!

Ok corny…lol

I have put together a list of things we can all work on.

I’ll share some tips with my fellow bottoms so that we can get em AND keep em.

This journey is for U to work on U.

That is it.  The big secret, which isn’t really that big of a secret to begin with anyway. Bottoms if you use sex/head to lure him, you will always end up with a wet ass and a un-returned phone call. I do not care how good your head game is or how tight your ass is, all that shit comes a dime a dozen in this lifestyle. If you have nothing else to offer a nigga…..

He will end up fucking your friend (or saying bye-bye and moving on to the next).

That is why I am here to help you, as you are helping me. I use to have that “way of thinking” before, but I want to offer more to Daddy In Coming.

So let’s get into it shall we?


Believe it or not, your phone says alot about you.

If you are still rocking a Sidekick and you are over 21, then you are not trying to be taken serious. Upgrade to something that should represent who you are and where you are trying to go. Blackberries and Iphones (or the like) are good communication devices that look good in your hand but also give off a message of importance. Why do you think so many celebs/business people have one or the other? They give off a grown and sexy feel to any person. Flip phones and Boost mobiles give off hoodrat and broke. Get rid of it now.


The first thing people look at, besides your looks, is how you are dressed and if your shoes clean. You do not have to be running to Saks 5th Ave for the “latest”  shit to look good. True fashion friendly people can wear something absolutely cheap and make it look good. How you dress should represent who you are. Wear clothes that fit. Find colors that compliment your skin tone. Read GQ and other publications to be on the up and up on what is hot.


Get out there and do shit.

Go out and meet new people. Find a hobby or simply just get out the house and go for a walk. Window shop. Explore your state. Hang with whoever invites you out (you do not have to go everywhere, but screen events you are willing to attend). I have met alot of potential DL dudes hanging out with straight people. Do not be scared to go out by yourself. You may meet someone or you may not. You are just building experience and social skills. You also get circulated and people start seeing who you are. You will start networking so you new phone is booming with contacts. You may even become the new “IT” boy on the scene. You do not know who is watching or admiring.

The more you are seen; the better it is for you.

Work It Out

Single time also means taking the time to start making your body right. Join a gym or even do it at home. So many YouTube videos out there with FREE exercise tips to help you get right. Loose the weight or even toning up makes a world of difference in your appearance. As bottoms, keeping the ass nice and firm is a big +. Also a flat stomach always gives off the right impression. Excersise also produces endorphins that create happiness so that when it comes time to take off your clothes, you love what you see.

Good Brains

So after you fuck his brains out, what are you guys going to talk about?

Read a book, enroll in school, or stay up on current events. Daddy is going to get tired of sticking his dick down your throat, so you better cum up with something. You know you are going to have to come up for air sometime and talk to his ass. Sexy without a brain is not a good look. Do not bore him talking about politics 24/7 but introduce him to the smarter side of you.

+ they say you can meet dudes on a college campus especially athletes looking for a tutor….

Eat Me

Do you know how to cook?

I do not mean microwaving a TV dinner. I mean, can you cook a good meal? If not, learn how to cook. Daddy is going to want to come home or come over to a home cooked meal once and a while. They say the way to a man’s heart is thru his stomach so during this alone time, learn how to put your foot in some food that will make his toe’s curl.

Feed em, suck em, and fuck em – keeps em happy.

Sexy Swagg

Are you sexy? Do you really know how to flirt? Do you feel good about yourself?

If you have doubts about your sexiness or your self esteem, go read some books or get a therapist. The 48 Laws Of Power, The Art Of Seduction, and Why Men Love Bitches (can relate to us) are good starts. We all have a little sexy within us and it just needs to be released. I mean really, as you are doing all of the above, it will start to raise your esteem and you will start to feel real good about yourself.

The biggest thing you can rely on in any situation is confidence.

Another thing: take this time to brush up on your “bag of sex tricks”. Bottoms, lets get it.

Do you need to brush up on giving better head? How to ride his dick until he can’t take it? Introduce him to new positions? Rusty on a signature move that only you only do that he will remember? Go online and research. There are perverts with message boards or articles that are good at this kind of thing. Watching a few pornos wouldn’t hurt either. Also buy some toys.

….so there you have it. Any other stuff you would like to share, the comments are always open.

Either way, take this time to make you the best person you can be.

Being alone isn’t always a bad thing unless you make it that way.

Wouldn’t you hate to meet someone like him, and not know what to do with him?

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10 thoughts on “Jamari’s Single Bottom Work Out Plan!”

  1. Yes and to add to your list, if you want a man of quality, dont fuck him all the time when you first meet him or you will most likely become just another piece of ass.



  2. you know what Jamari, if you meet him and yall are together for like the next 5 or 6 years, honey…im coming to dance on your doorstep to wish you two another 5 or 6 years…..IM SURE YOU’VE HEARD OF MY MOVES! THEY ARE ONLY THE MOST CUTTING EDGE DANCE MOVES EVER! LOL

    My man is a dream, Hes older like I like them, 32, Tall Darkskinned. Average guy. Hes not too into a lot of the gay lifestyle cause he doesnt know how to be. He likes to be in his own bubble doing normal man things….that man loves boxing! BUT ILL KICK HIS ASS IF HE STEP OUTTA LINE! LOL……MOST GAYS I KNOW THAT ARE SINGLE DONT WANT TO WORK ON THEMSELVES…LIKE THEY WANT A MAN TO JUST FALL OFF A TREE LIKE AN APPLE! CHILD PLEASE!

  3. Very very nice man. As a bottom I know what you mean. If you do an update sometime, you might want to add something about making love as opposed to just having sex. It’s the making love that’s going to keep his ass at home.

  4. Jamari,
    This is a great post. I alwalys tell people that they need to learn to be comfortable being alone, being single, and get themselves right. There is no such thing as one person completing another, we should all learn how to be whole all by ourselves. Then all the prepration in between will make things all that much more better.

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