That Damn Trey Songz

Why does he do this shit to me?

Does he not know I would give it to him without hesitation?
Does he not know that I would have to put his skinny ass to work?


These are some new pics from the new September Ink magazine…

…..and all I want to do is take my tongue and lick a trail on every tattoo.

I keep hearing that he gets down.
It is crazy because alot of people (gays +straight) are saying they think he is DL.

Which is stupid because DL means Down Lo which means “Not Suppose To Know”.

I do not need the gay statistics.
Does he want Jamari or not?
All I need is a confirmation and I’ll be at his hotel room with no draws on.

1 thought on “That Damn Trey Songz

  1. The jury is still out on that, but he looks it. But then again, it seems like the grapevine wants EVERYBODY in the industry to be gay. That would be NICE, but probable? no.

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