Jovonnie F*cks Me

…That would make for an EXCITING entry, wouldn’t it?


Can I just say that I love Jovonnie with a fade and waves?

This long hair thing is kind of a big NO for me.
He could still get it though.
That dick looks like my neighbor’s would know his first AND last name.
+ He knows how to use it.
Wait until you see the video I uploaded on The Bonus Materials side of Jamari.

TOPS – take notes.


7 thoughts on “Jovonnie F*cks Me

  1. Jovonnie, Jovonnie, Jovonnie… Dude is perfect in so many ways. Have you seen his appearance on Bait Bus, where he plays a straight guy tricked into having sex witha guy? It’s funny, knowing Jovonnie as we do…

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