I Can’t Feel My Winky or Wipe My Own Ass Anymore

karaoke and i usually have the most intense conversations.
that is what i love.
good animals and good talk.
we get into a subject that would open up for an interesting debate today.
the topic was about the future and relationships.
of course.
she said something that made me stop what i was doing.
she said…
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“Stuck and Left Naked With A Hard Penis” (Lamar Odom)

lamar-odomdamn i just come home from a long day’s work and see this news.
lamar odom fighting for his life after being found unconscious”.
i didn’t know it was like that with him.
check what tmz sports had to say…
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Dear God Can You Put A Penis In My Mouth So I Will Stop Gossiping. Amen!

Communication Conference

“mmm you know he suckin’ dick for happy meals right? yes chile.”

“um no one is a bottom anymore cause its all about being a vers boo boo. i been making a good hoe name for myself in these streets. step ya bussy game up. no one sucks a dick like me bay bah bayyyy bayyyy!!!”

“ooh didn’t you hear? he a escort on craigslist. can you imagine? craigslist? all the real hoes go on a4a boo. i’m just sayings in everything. shoots.”

“biiiiiitch guess who i just saw on myvidster getting his back. blown. out???!!! biiiiitttttch!!! he was supposed to be a top, but biiiiiiitch he a bottom!!!??? i mean biiiiiiiitch he never wanted to fuck me in any role, but i had to tell you biiiiitch because its a biiiitccchhh!!!”

now inside the church its:

“that is sister margret’s daughter. you know she has a past right? married men girl. mm hmm.”

“why didn’t sam put money in for offering? he is not giving to the lord. don’t he know hell?”

“i just had to pray for sister denise. mm mmm. she slept with 5 men in one weekend and is pregnant. don’t know who the father is. poor girl. she told me in confidence, but the lord told me to share.”

“the lord told me it was okay to sleep with the pastor. he came to me in prayer and said the reason he doesn’t look at his wife is because they are not happy. the lord told me to sit and spin on his penis three times, look to the left, and bark like a dog and i will be the new first lady.”

i started to wonder…

Same story; different cast?

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Get The Fuck Out My Entire Face.

tumblr_lwa3p2datr1r51yg5o1_1280you ever just look in your contact list
and realized half the people don’t really know you?
i mean like 4real 4real…
you may know a lot of people,
but you only have a few that actually know you.
know the inner workings of you.
the things that make you hurt.
feel sensitive.
we all have that person(s).
someone we can run to so we don’t feel judged.
someone who we strip naked with and just look at bare as possible.
i miss mine…

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