Dear God Can You Put A Penis In My Mouth So I Will Stop Gossiping. Amen!

Communication Conference

“mmm you know he suckin’ dick for happy meals right? yes chile.”

“um no one is a bottom anymore cause its all about being a vers boo boo. i been making a good hoe name for myself in these streets. step ya bussy game up. no one sucks a dick like me bay bah bayyyy bayyyy!!!”

“ooh didn’t you hear? he a escort on craigslist. can you imagine? craigslist? all the real hoes go on a4a boo. i’m just sayings in everything. shoots.”

“biiiiiitch guess who i just saw on myvidster getting his back. blown. out???!!! biiiiitttttch!!! he was supposed to be a top, but biiiiiiitch he a bottom!!!??? i mean biiiiiiiitch he never wanted to fuck me in any role, but i had to tell you biiiiitch because its a biiiitccchhh!!!”

now inside the church its:

“that is sister margret’s daughter. you know she has a past right? married men girl. mm hmm.”

“why didn’t sam put money in for offering? he is not giving to the lord. don’t he know hell?”

“i just had to pray for sister denise. mm mmm. she slept with 5 men in one weekend and is pregnant. don’t know who the father is. poor girl. she told me in confidence, but the lord told me to share.”

“the lord told me it was okay to sleep with the pastor. he came to me in prayer and said the reason he doesn’t look at his wife is because they are not happy. the lord told me to sit and spin on his penis three times, look to the left, and bark like a dog and i will be the new first lady.”

i started to wonder…

Same story; different cast?

between my shower this morning,
and cooking scrambled eggs for breakfast,
i came to a  random thought:
why does the gay lifestyle strongly remind me of the church?
i mean hell they both have the same formula.
a ton of lost people trying to find something/someone to worship.
i think if those church sanctified hoes knew they were just like messy gay men,
they may collapse and die.
maybe that’s why they all don’t have boyfriends?
in the house of the lord its god,
a black book,
or a flawed human on a stage.
in the gay lifestyle it’s either short,
kinda thick,
or has a hole.
sometimes both depending on which way you swing.
in both platforms,
its seems like instead of coming together for the greater good,
we are all condemning each other for not being perfect.
hating each other because someone else doesn’t do what we do/have done.
in the lifestyle:

people who happen to be out hate others who choose to be private.
if you aren’t vers, you are some alien who needs to be captured and studied.
god forbid you are attracted to people who happen to be masculine…
“i mean he ain’t no top *as they flip their imaginary weave* he clearly takes dick. you should like me tho even tho i’m clearly not your type and proven to be a judgmental cock blocker…”

in the church:

every fuckin’ thing.

i’m starting to realize i don’t really fit in anywhere.
i tried the church,
but soon realized if you weren’t worshiping the pastor then you were odd.
if i wasn’t taken my money to fund his lifestyle,
i was the asshole.
in the lifestyle,
a majority of people are so messy and two faced that it reminded me of a girl’s locker room.
now that social media has taken over,
no one is safe from the verbal assault rifles that is outings and gossip.
i guess i’m just a boy in the world.
sitting back and watching all my popular peers go through bullshit for likes and followers.
i’m one who is “the misfit” and will blow your fuckin’ knee caps off if you violate my space.

i’m not a messy person,
i don’t want to be a star,
and i just want people to recognize me for my talents and what i bring to the table.
is that wrong?

GIF-CHERNABOGi started to wonder about the lifestyle and the church.
are the pretty much the same?
they both spend so much time hating each other,
but they both have the same requirements to join.
you try to fit in tho…
and you get those feelings hurt real quick.
instead of church pews to gossip on,
it’s facebook statuses and Twitter dms to blast each other.
is it worth it to try an be popular?
should you just sit in the back,
look at all the drama,
and say “thank you jesus,
or jehovah-jireh!”

Fantasia-Gifall i want is to be financially comfortable,
be respected,
stay private,
and have a couple dickheads in my life.
all while serving god in my own home.
again: is that so wrong?
it really seems like a foreign concept to many people.
so i had to ask…

Is it better to just be a loner?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

24 thoughts on “Dear God Can You Put A Penis In My Mouth So I Will Stop Gossiping. Amen!”

  1. Most gay men as well as church people are damaged goods. They are all searching for something. A bunch of sad, lost, angry, lonely people who have to turn to something to make sense of it all. Everybody is so fly by night and the world is so fast, no genuine people in the gay lifestyle or in the church for that matter. With gay dudes, you have to be someones ideal to get any attention, if not you are stuck out. In church, you have to conform or you are stuck out. Most times, the two lifestyle interact and run simultaneous with each other. I went to New Years Eve watch service this year and it was like I was at the club looking in the choir stand and in the sanctuary, I literally saw at least 50 gay dudes, and a few of them ended up at the same party I was at, after church service. I think most people go to church because its something that they have been taught to do, and it becomes another form of entertainment. I would rather spend my Sunday, sleeping, going to brunch or working out, so unless its a funeral, or wedding, or New Years Eve service, I dont mess around. Maybe, I should go while its hot to be able to wear something light and tight so I can pick up a few dates. 🙂

  2. Good evening brothers and sisters. This read like a church bashing blog. Why are you all so against religion? You want to sleep with a man of God, but point out all the flaws within the church. Not every thing or situation will be perfect. People who are true in the word are not acting like this and I avoid the gossip mongers within the church as much as possible. It says in Proverbs 20 19 “Whoever gies about slandering reveals secrets; therefore do not associate with a simple babbler.” From what I’m told the gay community can be quiet dangerous and you shouldn’t trust anyone. Sometimes things are done maliciously to stop your stats from shining. Should I believe that as true? It’s so disheartening.

    1. ((((Stars)))) from shining. The devil is so busy with my message and spelling errors. Forgive me brothers and sisters.

    2. Thank you, I used to have a neutral opinion on organized religion.But thanks to reading your comments my opinion has shifted to negative.I have yet to hear love,compassion mentioned in your comments,Only disdain ,judgmentalism and self righteousness.Thank you for showing me a person who I would NEVER want to be.

      1. Lastly there is no need for you reply to my comment,Your work is Done.Thanks again

  3. Better to be alone or with like-minded people with a one rebellious friend to keep things interesting. Drama is the same in a church, in your building with nosey neighbors, in the office at your job, in school. Same shyt different toilet. People feel that because you worship differently then them that your in the wrong, and they seem too wrapped up in their organized religious noise to notice things around them, always using their faith to justify their opinions and views yet never taking the time out to understand other sides.

    1. And I’ve never been a fan of seeing an individual profit on the back of others; i.e. my church I went to as a child I always remember seeing my pastor in a Benz or a BMW while at the time were in a over crowded church with malfunctioning heat or no A.C. always with a “roof-fund” or “building a new church” project that always seems to take 10-15 years to accomplish. Always irritated me that individuals pay an amount to hear the word of the lord.

      1. Good evening Synthya. Shouldn’t the leader of the flock have nice things? He is preaching his word to inspire others. There are some leaders who take money and use it for wrong doing but there are so many others who speak to people. Isn’t it the same as the worship for celebrities? You all would pay for a concert but not pay your tithes and offerings?

      2. Nice things sure, but on the backs of others who may be struggling themselves, no. Simply paying someone who takes scriptures from something that everyone may own to inspire myself, no. Churches with televisions all along the pews, 2-3 collection plate offerings during one sermon while sitting along side others who cast judgement on those who are different from them in nature and they don’t understand, your a prime example of that with some of your comments and assumptions here. I have been to many churches and few pastors have put the patrons before themselves. I have yet to see a church have no donation boxes in the back while you exit and no collection plates. If I wanted to pay my tithes and offerings, id help the next person who is struggling themselves, to someone that may actually need my help or an outlet to talk to them, not to an individual who has more than their average patron and is more concerned about getting their numbers up. And I damn sure don’t worship anyone. We are all people, just because you have money and entertain the masses does not mean I am to treat you any differently then the next person.

  4. “all i want is to be financially comfortable,
    the respected,
    stay private,
    and have a couple d̶i̶c̶k̶h̶e̶a̶d̶s̶ ̶ in my life.
    all while serving god in my own home.”

    Ahhh… The Simple Life. This is what everyone wants. A nice fat bank account, privacy to live their life without questions, someone to knock our socks off and the love and mercy of GOD. I know that is what I want but I’m wondering how many people have obtained this and what might they have done to achieve this lifestyle.

    Did they have to cut off loose strings (friends aka spacesavers)?
    Soul-Searching (a trip to a foreign island)?
    Move Away From Their Hometown?

    To achieve this lifestyle in which we want, do we have to search and sacrifice for it, or does it just naturally come to us when we learn to accept the things that we can and cannot change.

    Something to think about.

  5. Loner? No. Strategic? Yes. I don’t let people in my life that easy. The problem with these gay niggas and church hoes is that they meet every one and start sharing all they shit. You can’t do that because it takes one disagreement for someone to blast you online. I don’t even fuck with social media and my publicist handles all my tweeting, face booking, and Instagram shit. I keep my life real private and I like it like that.

  6. it’s better to not even fuck with the gay lifestyle like that to me honest. i thought I was dickin down men but I’m meeting more bitches than anything else. the gay lifestyle has the most undecided men i have ever witnessed too. you a top one day, bottom the next, then you vers, then you a bottom again. wtf? it’s better to be a loner, stack your bread, and get some ass when you need it. stay out the clubs and mind your business.

    1. “the gay lifestyle has the most undecided men i have ever witnessed too”

      I agree. It’s not even just with the whole “top”, “bottom” “verse” things,.. it’s with relationships, emotions and feelings. Alot of men whether they are gay, bi, dl etc. etc. are scared to let their emotions get the best of them and possible open themselves up to love because they still are not secure and happy with who they are. Self-Acceptance is not only accepting the fact that you are attracted to the same sex… but also accepting the things you cannot change flaws and all.

      I have talked to many men who one day they claim that they want to start a relationship with me but the next minute don’t want to because they still want to go fuck the bottom with the fat ass down the street that is a freak and he can get a quick nutt.

      I’ve had men tell me that I was a challenge and that they were not really ready for a relationship because they are not “out” and that it will confirm the fact they do like men… and I for one do not have time for that.

      So until I find someone who I mesh with and the shit flows smooth without compromise, then imma focus on getting my money up, my future, networking, and enjoying life with friends.

      No more compromising with confused ass niggas.

  7. I wouldn’t say be a loner, but keeping certain people at a distance is what I recommend. Just watch who you hang around.

  8. A majority of the time, I feel it’s definitely better to be alone than “in” with the crowd. People show you who they are real quick and not even know it. I tried the church thing, but everyone either wanted to try & play me or fuck me in the pulpit so I left that crowd alone. The gay friends, from my experience, were soo messy. I couldn’t keep up with all the who fucked who, who’s baby’s father is on the DL, etc etc. Drama is not my forte. Keeping to yourself and staying private is the best advice ever.

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