Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 11.01.33 PMsee this is the dangerous shit i talk about.
you ever went to a straight event and it was meat everywhere?!
made you want to pull your head off and bash it on a wall.
well a wolf-bi went to a pool party at rehab in vegas for memorial day weekend.
hosted by diddy with guests lil wayne and meek mill.
he wanted to show me a video he found of all the meat…


you know what they say about vegas.
what happens in vegas…

Fantasia-Gifi saw some ratchets within the crowd,
but lawd some of the others were fine as hell.
i use to go to shit like this with the straights.
instant blood flow below.
i would have only attended if i had vip stage seating tho.
i don’t do “crowd with the ratchets“.

lowkey: i wanna go to vegas one day.
money to afford and have a good time with great people.
vision board time.

photo found: spy on vegas

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “ALL THE MEAT AT THE POOL PARTY: (389)”

  1. I watched just the first video till 1.07 it’s only a handful of fine ones, and lawd that’s a freaking crowd of ghetto mess, when i heard roof top i thought classy – nope. The ghetto and their mama ’em were all in there .

  2. I go with my boys to shit like this and its so painful. sometimes you can find a nigga to smash but it’s too much work. go enjoy the free drinks and scenery. flirt with a drunk bitch and keep it moving.

  3. Why when you go to a gay events like this its queens in thongs? You go to straight events like this and it’s a whole different vibe? Straight people party so much differently than gay ones that it makes you not even interested to party with gay folks smh.

  4. Watched 3 of them, there’s about 2 or 3 total. The pretty ones are the girls though, nice asses . Them dark skin boys though…hmm, the one in the pink hollister pants looks like he gets down

  5. Thing is you could find someone paid in there, seems like they all mingle.

    You can weed out the broke ones – sunshades, no POOL attire, fitteds. That leaves you with about 3% that’s where the money is.

  6. That pic looks like a box of glazed long Jon donuts. Gawdddd, I got hungry & turned on slightly at the same damn time.

  7. This was ratchet grade A fuckery and I love it lmao… I cant go to events like this anymore because the older I get the bolder I get, at looking at dudes and this many fine dudes in one place is a recipe for disaster. Now on to Diddy, why must I cry sweet baby Jesus, please take this old horse out back and put him down and send his ass to the glue factory. His old ass loves to be in the mix, and he is old enough to be all of those children father, but hey I guess I need to stop hating because he is just trying to scoop up all the hot trade like any other stunt queen.

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