in my (toiletries) bag

i think everyone should have a toiletries bag.
i have been carrying one to work for years now.
after lunch,
or an after work outing,
i would be equipped with my essentials.
last night,
i finally started unpacking the bag id carry to my old job.
i hadn’t removed my toiletries bag yet,
but i figured it would make for a great foxhole entry.
so this is my bag:


it was a “d&g” toiletries bag i got in a gift set with the cologne,
“the one”.
yours doesn’t have to be that level of expensive.
it is whatever your style,
big or small.
take a look at what i kept in my bag

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Be Careful of the HIV Down Under

australia…in australia, that is.
tv spots,
national awareness days,
as well as people dying right in front of you.
yet people dont listen.
hiv has hit australia pretty bad especially for “us”.
abc news has all the details… Continue reading “Be Careful of the HIV Down Under”

We’re Fags, We’re Thristy, and We Will Bow Down To The Vagina

Microphone-on-stageeveryone meet tessa scott.
she left this wonderful message in the ( x darwin randolph ) entry i wrote.
stage is yours ts:

“Amen..a bunch of thirsty fags swarming like a vulture for some flesh… this dude probably wouldn’t even look at their trashy azz if they attended his church or any Gay men are some of the nastiest beings which is why the word abomination is used to describe their lives and lifestyle.”

ouch…well hot damn.
such harsh words.

i have sensitive eyes ts!
well i’m not one to bash someone’s opinion.
if thats what you think of all of “us” then so be it.
who am i to try and change or even fight?
it did have me wondering about vixens and their real opinion on us.
the real opinion seems to fly out when we are attracted to the same wolf.
not when we are doing their hair,
picking out their clothes,
and gossiping about who fucked us that is d/l.
oh no thats always okay.
are they really using us tho?
do they find us a challenge?
most of the time we get their wolf in shining armor.
the one with the good hair and premium sperm.
i started to wonder…

How much can we trust vixens?

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I Got A Problem (I Like to F*ck)

okyesso the text conversation took an interesting turn that night.
i was in the middle of watching monster’s university when sex the topic was.
well not how you would think:

“i won’t even fuck a bitch if a nigga in there.
don’t even think a bitch eatin my ass either.”

“but you would let her give you the sloppiest of throat?”

“yeah thats normal.
that other shit i aint with it.
if other niggas are thats on them.”

“wow sounds boring.”

i was starting to think my straight wolf was a prude.
or am i just a whore?
how did this all start, you ask?
well lets a trip back real quick.
it all started when i mentioned what my niece was telling me…
and this is NSFW,
and not for the straights...
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If You Died Tomorrow, Then I’m Dying Too

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 10.05.00 AM^ i was on ( x draya’s  instagram ) this morning,
and within her million selflies,
she posted something of substance.
i’m proud of you draya.
that is  a topic i know all too well.
i’m sure you too.
comparing yourself to everyone else.
i’m starting to think a lot of people’s self worth issues come from others.
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