You Gays Are Disgusting, Unnatural, and Pushing An Agenda

i live in a bubble…

being from new york,
where gay people are damn near everywhere,
its pretty much normal to me.
on your block,
at the store,
and walking the streets.
in the workforce gay ceos,
and co workers are large and in charge.
my career just happens to be in the entertainment industry.
a place where the lines are blurred when it comes to sexuality.
masculine gay and bi men are everywhere,
doing whatever they need to do to “make it”.
the cameras go off,
the gay comes out.
“damn his ass was fat as shit.”the masculine bi r&b singer you all know said.

tumblr_mh5enhJXuf1rl07gno1_400i’ve worked/attended fashion week and again…
men and women,
are mingling with gays.
everyone looks fuckin’ amazing.
goods time were had by all.
sure there are some straight wolves who don’t like gays,
but its never a “big deal” unless lines are crossed.
there is a lot of tolerance in the city.
i live in that bubble.

1108492583_513686676like how i do in real life,
i try to ignore the ignorance of others.
the internet is the one place every thinks they can be a thumb thug.
because of that,
i never go under posts about gays on black gossip boards.
i already know what i’m gonna see.
a bunch of heathens who suddenly recognize god when “gay” is brought up.
this is why i stay in my nice warm foxhole and mind my business.
this morning however,
i decided to read the comments on necole bitchie about ( x kordale and kaleb ) someone left.
here are some:

“So true and I’m sick of the gay community trying 2 force this lifestyle on everybody!”

“Who cares what you think you know!!!! It’s beyond disgusting! I’m tired of tip-toeing around ppl feelings!!! “Call a spade a spade”…..this mess is disgusting. I have no idea what the world is coming to. Sad to even bring kids into the world with all this foolishness!!!! It’s a choice boo-boo. God didn’t create you to be with the same sex….what a slap in the face! The devil is the one that got a hold to y’all minds! If you were intended that way….go head and make a baby ( only reason why we are on earth). When that happens plz let me know….I won’t hold my breath, lol. Stop telling them lies….I wish I wasn’t gay….I was born this way (my personal favorite, lol)….GTFOH!!!! Nothing but a one way ticket to h e l l….good luck!”

“Black men are really the bottom feeders of humanity. Their just gross. Either making kids with black woman and abandoning them, worshipping white woman/ lighter skinned woman, or now taking a womans kids to raise them in a gay household?? I’m disgusted. Confused, lost, & spineless. Ughh.”

“I’m sorry, I do not like the idea of gay men raising boys. I do not like it! And everyone is jumping on the gay bandwagon, we do not all have to support this lifestyle, nope, not even with our President alleging he agrees with it. Its hard enough growing up in a traditional or single parent household, kids raised by gay parents are not as happy as we portray them to be on tv and the internet.”

“Poor kids. smh. Especially the little boy! I hope they havent touched him, inappropriately. It’s just not healthy. Idc idc. But nobody’s perfect so I’ll just pray for them!”

…a lot of different opinions than what my brilliant readers left.

after scrolling through half of the 333 comments over there,
i found myself thinking:

tumblr_m8v36pkHSF1qaq9hco1_250“wow, where do these retards live?”

the majority where black women,
mostly all from church backgrounds (surprise surprise),
but what had me most confused was using of “gay queen terminology”

“yasssss bitch read!”
“ooooh shade!”
“clock the tea honey!”

….oooooooooh now i get it.
so the “faggots” are good enough to steal their swag from,
but these same chicks don’t like the lifestyle?
isn’t that a huge contradiction?
they will pull out a bible ready to condemn,
but will be front row when it comes time to watch fuckin’ “fashion queens”.

shrug-gifi don’t get it.
maybe i’m not suppose to?
if you think my lifestyle is “disgusting”,
“pushing an agenda”,
or “unnatural” then go right ahead.
is it wrong i think its “disgusting” you have 3 baby daddies,
living on welfare,
and about to be pregnant with another?
what about this whole “agenda” of condemning black men because they don’t want your ass?
i think its pretty “unnatural” you been using your pussy and you still ain’t got a ring.
i also don’t think its “right” your same pastor is taking your money to buy a spaceship.
this is why i stay in my bubble and foxhole.
there is no fucks to give here.

23 thoughts on “You Gays Are Disgusting, Unnatural, and Pushing An Agenda

  1. I am reacting to a picture from Wells Fargo internal website. We celebrate gays and throw diversity in white peoples face, yet condemn whites especially males if they don’t support this trash. We are literally required to take courses on accepting gays and other degenerates, whether we do or not, its a job requirement now. I am just glad I don’t have to work with this person. Why is it not ok in America to be disgusted by this? It was just 20 years ago, considered aberrant. Most of us still do consider it that way. I don’t care what other people do, just don’t want it to be “required” for me to accept it and have it thrown in my world. And what an ugly face it is they have us “celebrate”. It is disgusting. I don’t have to approve of your degenerate way of life, but you don’t have to force me too either.

    1. No.They’re way more accepted.So are bisexual people, even though they claim they aren’t.They have it easy.

      1. So unfair I wonder why a female can dress up like a straight up thug sagging and it’s a okay. So do the more manly gay males get treated better then the more feminine gays or they in the same boat?

      2. They’re in the same boat but manly gays have it easier because no one actually knows they’re gay unless they reveal they are.They can hide it even though they’re not necessarily hiding anything, they’re just being their natural masculine selves.

        It’s kind of hard to tell who’s really masculine and who’s really feminine.Some fem gays pretend to be masculine or at least try to put up a good front.I knew a guy who was very masculine and claimed to be a strict top.As soon as he started bottoming for his boyfriend, he started acting very feminine.He told me he felt like he had to act like a woman now that he was doing what a woman does during sex i.e the submissive role.He doesn’t even pretend to act masculine anymore.He probably wasn’t masculine to begin with.

        A lot of fem gays are more masculine then they put on.A man will always have more base in his voice than a female so we all know that those high voices they use to yell “YAAAAAASSSSSSS!” is just a habit.A lot of fem gays, like my friend, start having female mannerisms because they feel have they have to be submissive and feminine in their daily life instead of it just being in the bedroom.

        My friend also somehow lost his deep ass voice he used to have a year ago.I used to love his voice too.It was so sexy.Now it’s high pitched and loose and runny.Not that anything is wrong with that but I’m just saying, his voice was so sexy before.Like I said though, maybe he was fem the whole time and was just keeping it pent up.

  2. You want to hear the honest truth?
    They are so lonely that their lonely hearts make them so bitter and angry that they don’t realize they are going to be single for the rest of their lives if they continue this way.
    I really don’t get angry when they make comments about us gay black men because I am too handsome and I got better things to do.

  3. Some of the women are angry due to the fact these men seen to be in a perfect relationship, and have a family that they desperately want, not to mention they are fine.

    What makes them think we are pushing our lifestyle on others? I do not care who is gay or not. I am worried about my life and my life only, everyone else’s is irrelevant.

  4. I read such comments for entertainment purposes. I have a few things for such people: Sexuality is not a lifestyle. It’s a life. To claim that sexuality is a lifestyle (like lifestyles of the rich and famous) is to make it an option, a choice and it is clearly not a choice. You don’t choose your sexuality. Your sexuality chooses you. Does it make sense that someone would choose to be part of society that is discriminated against, ridiculed and abused routinely? No. In addition, God made gay sex enjoyable. If God didn’t want gays to enjoy sex, he would not have made gay sex enjoyable. God must love gays. Otherwise, he would not have made them in abundance and in every country and of every race, religion, creed and color.

  5. Lol just like tommy sotomayor says ” No one hates black men and people more then black women “. I wonder did Matt bolmer get this type of hate? Then again he and his husband and children are white.

  6. For those who are interested I have new more info on Gay Dads from Newsone.
    Kordale,the dark one is the father of all 3 kids.Both guys are only 25.Kaleb,the bald one is an engineer.They met in 2011 on FB both their families are supportive.They did interview with@
    Well gotta go offline CB later

  7. I warn people to NEVER read comments on any Black gossip blog if Gay men are the topic.NEVER. I first read about the Gay Dads on Necole Bitchie .I did not read one comment,not one.
    I know that 95% of the posters there claim they are female.Probably 80% seem to be Black.Their age range seem to be teenagers to women in their forties and fifties.From the comments most are not married.It seems like about 70% of those who comment are mothers.Posters rarely mention where they live so I have no idea .The cities they mention on NYC,Atlanta,Chicago,Newark,LA.So these arent all country bumpkins.
    One interesting thing is they seem to despise Straight Black Men too especially the ones who date non Black womem.
    But they were happy about the rumors of Lupita from TYAS dating Jared Leto.
    But like I said earlier NEVER read comments when there is a Gay topic on Black gossip blogs or you will lose faith in humanity

    1. ^y,
      I’m so glad that you and s are not judgmental like those morons.
      i appreciate the comments I get here because they’re more realistic and objective.
      we may not agree with each other sometimes,
      but we are open to discussion.
      those people are “their way or the highway”.
      it’s pathetic.

  8. How can so much hateful language come from alleged Christians. Most of these black women are so angry with the gays because we do a better job of pleasing their men then they do. They don’t like the idea of gays raising boys? Well maybe they would prefer that little boy to be in foster care or an orphanage instead of a happy home with Kordale and Kaleb. And since when does being gay automatically make you a pedophile? Its a shame that so much stereotypical bullshit comes from the most stereotyped community on earth. Furthermore, the gays are not forcing their lifestyle on anyone. No one is making anyone be gay. They are just mad, because it is getting harder for them to disrespect, abuse, and discriminate against gay people. We should be saying a prayer for these close-minded, ignorant asses instead of the other way around.

  9. Like dogs in a cage barking at someone passing by and can’t do nothen to the one passing by. so the dog gets ballistic and start running up and down in the cage barking and chasing its tail like if I could get out this cage I would kill you…dogs who bark with no teeth to bite……this crap has been going on for centuries and as long as it stayed in the closet it was hush hush but since people are tired of the church and societies fictitous and hypocritical ways; whether being gay, bi, trans or lesbo people don’t care how one hates; it is what its gona be….just like one don’t care how much you hate me cause I’m black…it is what it is…like it or not.

  10. I bet these are the same women who sit up, gossip and giggle with their gay best friends about who’s on the DL and what Rihanna wore.
    or just the single bitches that say they don’t need a man because Jesus is the only man in their life
    I read the first comment and didn’t even bother reading the rest.
    Lettin their fingers do all the goddamn talkin that fuckshit but can’t explain a majority of the Bible. foh.

      1. Exactly,great post I don’t understand why the black community are so unaccepting compared to other races.That’s why it’s such a huge deal when they come out.If you look at most of the people coming out lately they are white.

    1. RIGHT!?! Don’t even know what verse that apparently states homosexuality is an abomination.
      If you’re gonna live by the word and point fingers, you better live by and know every word in that book.
      You wanna use the bible when it comes to gay people, but don’t wanna use the bible when you done gave the pussy to every Tom, Dick and Jerry in town.
      These hoes outta control.

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