Darren Sharper Can’t Get The Willing Coochie Anymore?

darrenseriously darren?
ex baller wolf,darren sharper,
has been accused of alleged rape.
how the might have fallen?…

Four years ago, Darren Sharper was approaching the highest of the highs, chasing his first Super Bowl victory.  He’s now dealing with the lowest of the lows.

TMZ has reported, and PFT has confirmed, that Sharper faces criminal charges in California for suspicion of rape.

Per TMZ, Sharper is accused of two sexual assaults, one in October 2013 and another in January 2014.  He was released on $200,000 bail.

JYPvObpi remember when every vixen wanted to fuck him.
like, willingly.
no begging.
just hand him the panties.
hell he was banging gabby union at one point.

The Grand Gala Hilton VIP Reception Held At The Muhammad Ali Centerhas the pussy supply dried up once you retired d?
sheesh!i’ll keep on following this story as it develops.

article taken from: pro football talk
picture taken: gearshift.tv

11 thoughts on “Darren Sharper Can’t Get The Willing Coochie Anymore?

  1. This seems so hard to believe, but not really shocking, when you are good looking and used to women throwing themselves on you, when you run across one who doesnt you are probably shocked and surprised and feel entitled to take it if its not willingly giving. Beautiful people always have such ugly lives. Hope this is not true but 2 allegations is sort of serious and believable.

  2. That gif is funny af.

    If this is true, I am disappointed. Never thought Darren was this type of dude.

  3. I so agree, this man should have no problem getting it in, but that’s the point. Rape isn’t about coochie, it’s about power.

    1. Thank you…it isn’t about whether a rapist can find someone to have sex with. It is about anger, power and control. I have no idea if Sharper is guilty, but I do know that his ability to get women has little to do with whether he has violent sexual tendencies.

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