“The Bachelor” Thinks Gays Are Too Peverted To Be On Television

juan-pablo-1-768is everyone being more outspoken about gays this year?
geez louise!
well “the bachelor” star juan pablo galavis says there should not be a gay bachelor…

In an interview with TVPage at ABC’s TCA party last night, the single dad and a former Venezuelan soccer player was asked whether it would be a good idea to have a gay Bachelor. He was firmly against it. “I don’t think it is a good example for kids to watch that on TV,” he said. “I don’t know if I’m mistaken or not, I have a lot of friends like that, but (gays) are more pervert [sic] in a sense, and to me the show will be too strong, too hard to watch on TV.” It remains to be seen what Galavis’ gay friends as well as ABC and The Bachelor producer Warner Horizon will say about those comments.

Quinn-quinn-fabray-17324960-296-252“why does he looks so white?”
“omg jamari you can’t ask people why they look white.”

i couldn’t resist that line from mean girls.
when i think of a “juan pablo”,

i expect:

what in every fuck did this man just say?
does he think we’ll be fuckin’ like animals on television?
why are kids even watching a bunch of whores begging for a man anyway?
i feel like the straights have this warped perception of gays.
i’m really starting to think so.
either we are all supposed to be “queens” or “child molesters”.
it really bugs me.
personally i think id be an AWESOME “the bachelor” look for a wolf.
fuck you very much juan.
i wonder what his thoughts are on “messy mondays” on vh-1?
ya know during the same time as his show’s time slot.
someone should ask him that question.

lowkey: is anyone even watching the bachelor?
i can’t say i have watched any season.
the snow wolves are usually bland.

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13 thoughts on ““The Bachelor” Thinks Gays Are Too Peverted To Be On Television

  1. Damn, the comedy of this is that this dude looks GAY. Hell he just as easily be the gay bachelor. This dude is Latin? Man please Latin dudes are the hottest freakiest men on the planet. Well if he ever ran across me he would have nothing to worry about, he is plain and ugly to me and someone I wouldnt even look twice at, and hell I have never seen one episode of the Bachelor and didnt even know it was still on the air, I thought it was canceled years ago. Well he is going to be Blackballed now anyway once the gay mafia roast his ass over an open flame.

  2. I can’t with these people man. They need to just keep quiet and stay in their places. If they are asked about it, they can chose not to comment. However, it really does not bother me because these people are not a factor in my life, and are very small in the eyes of the people in the world.

    One to gay men being perverts. At times, I feel like that is true based on how people act directly towards others in public and online. A majority of men in the lifestyle are thirsty af, and a few are even starving. I go on instagram and read comments that people leave and shake my head in disgust. Many of us talk about men here in a sexual manner quite often including myself, but these comments are not directly towards the people we are talking about. This is our element where we can talk about anyone freely, not people’s Facebook pages, instagrams, and Twitters. I know how to hide my feelings and attraction to someone very well. I might peep you from afar at times, but to violate someone’s personal space is a no go, especially a person who’s sexuality is unknown, just not me. I don’t lay up and pick pedals off a rose “He loves me he loves me not.” Nah, I’m good, unless you let me know what’s good.

    1. I understand.I was embarrassed by a few gay men that I’ve seen practice public sex.One was an old White guy who was given permission by his landlord to open a door to another apartment for a man who was coming to fix something.The gay guy records himself jacking off while the man is working, the man couldn’t here him because he had a loud machine on but every time he turned it off, the gay guy would hurry and pull up his pants and play it off like he was just watching the man work the whole time.

      Then there’s the videos of that fit gay Black guy that jacks off in public at a busy mall.He almost got caught on the video.

      I was watching a video of a gay Arab guy who went to a drive-thru store.He would ask the drive-thru attendant to go get him something and when the attendant turned around to get whatever he asked for, the gay guy would pull his dick out and start jacking off.

      People commented that it’s gay men like them that give the rest of us a bad name.Gay men seem to have a thing for public play and I don’t know why.

  3. Wow.They really called him a person of color.That’s like saying Charlize Theron is a Black woman because she was born in Africa.

    Like you guys said though.All the shit straight people do, gays shouldn’t be a problem.Plus, with all the guys in speedos on TV young gays coming uo don’t have to get their rocks off watching gay men, they’ll just watch all the straight ones.I know I did growing up.I had such an imagination I didn’t visuals though.

  4. A) He needs to sit down and just shut up or get your ass back to Venezuela. B) I hate the fact that they are calling him the first man of color when he hardly has any color. C) He’s probably DL because why did he brought up the subject?

  5. Lets keep it real, Te Bachelor or the Bachelorette will never have anyone other then the stereotypical white female and male lead with sprinkles of token black people sprinkled in the get kicked off after the 2 or 3rd round. Why didn’t he feel the need to speak about that and the message that sends the public. I swear people have the most fucked up priorities and need to have several seats.

  6. I didn’t know people even still watched The Bachelor like that. Anyway, a gay bachelor couldn’t be any more perverse than what straight people do on TV everyday. And I’m just wondering, I hear a lot of people in the media make disparaging remarks like this about gay people, but then turn around and say “oh I have gay friends though.” If one of my friends talked like this they wouldn’t be for long.

    1. Thank you! It’s the like a white person saying they have black friends, but then say something racist against blacks.

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