let me throw this filter on my real life so ya’ll don’t know what is really going on


my friend’s wife’s sister.
always posting how much she loves her husband.
she puts up the lovey dove pics all over social media.
when she talks to her sister,
she tells her how much she HATES him.
she can’t stand him but social media tells a different story.


sexy personal training wolf.
he updates his IG and shows how hard he goes in the gym.
not only that,
he puts up pictures of how much of a life he has.
on another account,
it shows he hasn’t been in the gym since last year.
all the videos and pictures are old.
he actually is depressed af and is smoking his brains out.


my home wolf and his vixen.
in pictures,
they look so into each other.
you’d think they were the perfect couple but they’re constantly fighting and abusive to each other.
she puts paws on him and he does the same.
he has cheated on her and she took him back.
she doesn’t trust him,
he is annoyed by her,
but they both don’t want to be alone.


the “straight” wolf on social media living his best life.
he has all of these luxuries and is always traveling.
you’d think he had a business that was poppin’ in the background.
he is an escort and has no issue spreading his butt cheeks or giving the “gawk gawk 3000”.
he posts a lot of memes about working hard and achieving success,
but he uses his bawdy to live the life that he lives.
his girlfriend is also a prop to throw folks off his scent.

these are 4 of the many examples of how deceptive social media can be.
it made me wonder

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I Want To Tell You The Secret (Just Between Us Foxholers)

^that was a whatsapp from a friend of mine.
she needed to get a crib by the end of the month.
during these last few weeks,
everywhere she looked…

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The Real Ratchet Reality

tumblr_inline_n4eeb4msoL1r0znzq-1so everyone was talking about kenya vs porsha today.
i mean everrryyyyyoooonnnneeeee.
if andy wanted ratings,
well gosh darnit,
he got em.
surprisingly it was mostly the talk amongst the snow bunnies today.
they were so shocked and mystified.
its like they got to take a trip to the hood without ever leaving the house.
one intern asked me jokingly if this is how “black women” act when they’re mad?

“um no.
well not all.”

like chick,
this is a tv show,
but how could i really answer it?
she was curious because of what she sees on tv.
some sistas will fight like dogs in the street over some stale hood pipe.
hell people in general would actually kill you for less nowadays.
its like people doing random off the wall shit so they can get their 15 minutes.
it all made me wonder…

Is this is the new reality?

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“The Bachelor” Thinks Gays Are Too Peverted To Be On Television

juan-pablo-1-768is everyone being more outspoken about gays this year?
geez louise!
well “the bachelor” star juan pablo galavis says there should not be a gay bachelor…
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HIV: One Big Fat Lie?


i had to get that out the way.


an f-bi sent me something he dug up today that is pretty interesting.
i thought it was interesting enough to share it with the foxhole.
it looks like it would make for a great discussion

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I’ll Tweet That Wolf To Go And Then Friend Him For Life!


1 tweet.
75 re-tweets.
10 favorites.
250 mentions.

Dating has turned into social media spectacle.
The social media spectacle has turned into a hot ass mess.
That hot ass mess is our reality.

Social media has destroyed dating, yet it has advanced our life in many ways.
It allows us to connect with people from the past,
take pictures of our daily lives,
and show our exact “geo” on a map.
But, it has pretty much set us back when it comes to finding a good man.

How many times have you met someone online,
go on a great date with him,
hit it off well,
and come home that night to see him back online?

But, what if all this tweeting and Facebooking has become a convenient mask?
You don’t even need to fuck anymore.
I can Skype your OoVoo in my face.
I started to wonder…

Has social media made it harder to date?

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