HIV: One Big Fat Lie?


i had to get that out the way.


an f-bi sent me something he dug up today that is pretty interesting.
i thought it was interesting enough to share it with the foxhole.
it looks like it would make for a great discussion

Because of my occupation, I know black people have been brainwashed for years that HIV and AIDS is real, when in fact it was all an entire lie. Neither exist, and have been used to kill off millions of people with AIDS drugs, which is actually what killed people. Yes, many white people had to go to make it look more real, a few celebrities had to be used to make it look more real, but its all fake. Those letters are irrelevant, and HIV is all based on your immune system when they test you.

You can test positive for HIV, which doesn’t mean shit, then you can detox your body, eat only fruits and veggies for a month straight, and test negative for HIV a month later, as many people and researchers have proven.

They slam the black community with bad food so that your immune system will be low so when they test you, they can call it HIV, and put you on a list. All a scam.

They killed millions with the AZT Drug which is fatal, but now they are killing people with the AZT Drug under another name for cancer.

They want the urban communities to continue to die from Cancer right now so they can keep making billions off of the scam, so they must advertise bad foods in the hood, alcohol, drugs, everything to keep you running to the doctors for the cancer test.

You ****** been set up for 30 years to kill yourselves.

The AZT Drug was approved in 1987 by the FDA. They pushed aids as a gay drug, and they let some time go by for people to beg for a cure. So after pushing people to beg for a cure, they gave them what they wanted. Of course this was not a cure, but a way to get people hooked on something, as they had nothing. The entire thing was a scam, ran by the CDC because the polio scare had come to an end. Well the big bucks in the CDC is always monitoring or just fucking around with some major disease, this is what keeps the people active and jobs rolling. No disease,no need for the CDC.

Once they hooked it as a gay problem, they then killed off thousands of gay people, before using magic johnson as a pawn to push it to regular sex, and black people mostly.

Magic was in on the scam, and is now a billionaire today from it. Don’t matter how much money he got, his net worth is over a billion because he endorsed the AZT Drug, and lied about having this disease . He was the perfect face, a black man with a great smile and a celeb. If he got it, ANYONE COULD GET IT


Is basically how they pushed the scam. I know people that have killed themselves when they were told they had aids.

You can line me up with 10 bitches that got HIV, ill have sex with all of them raw, popl 2 penecillins a day, eat raw foods for a month, and test negative for HIV 100% guranteed and have no STD.

No fix for Herpes? Bullshit. The body fixes everything as long as you stay the fuck away from doctors, and do not eat meat or sugar.

All they are doing is measuring shit with your immune system, and man made food breaks down the immune system. Hell you can be avergin and have HIV in their scam.

i hear countless times that hiv was made to kill “us” off.
kanye even mentioned it in his song for “gorgeous”:

“I treat the cash the way the government treats AIDS
I won’t be satisfied til all my niggas get it, get it?”

i know someone who told me hiv is all in the mind.
he done fucked all kinds of niggas,
in the sketchiest of places,
and hasn’t contracted anything… yet.
i was also told that you can get rid of it easily by raising your immune system,
eating healthy,
and using herbs/vitamins.
personally i never wanted to take the chance to find out.
i’m not about that life.
i started to wonder about our sworn enemy,
something that pretty much scares all of us within every community.
some people care and want to protect themselves.
others don’t give a fuck and do whatever in the name of pleasure.
i had to ask:

Is hiv a reality… or propaganda?

Author: jamari fox

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  1. AIDS is all too real, as are the many other venereal disease organisms. Always make sure both yourself and your partner are tested for AIDS and these other disease organisms so that you will know in advance what you are getting yourself involved in. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

    There’s really nothing to be debate here. AIDS is as REAL as DEATH!

  2. i know a sweet young black lady by the name of rashaun who died from AIDS…we watched her mother and family BURY her…no drugs just this disease ravaged her body and took her away, it was mentioned that she contracted it from her ex boyfriend who was promiscuous and i guess the strain she got was too strong for the meds or etc because she was gone quickly…so this man can take his conspiracy theorist plan and shove it and not to be rude but the government don’t give too many fucks about black people so why do people feel they’re going to waste millions upon millions a dollars to purposefully spread a disease on us?!?! what else will people come up with…i’m a type 1 diabetic and a friend of mine whose a conspiracy theorist told me i could stop taking my insulin and that the government is lying to me until i told him the organ in my body god created, called the pancreas which secretes beta cells, aka insulin, doesn’t work therefore i have to take meds to replace it or i’ll die i blew him away….smh ignorance is a powerful thing BUT not as powerful as KNOWLEDGE…i’ll pray for the individual who sent you that jamari….

  3. I honestly cannot dismiss this as just another conspiracy theory, as I am a part of the raw food community. Eating a diet of ONLY raw fruits and vegetables is the diet that humans are meant to consume. I’ve heard stories of people beating cancer, and even diabetes by eating a fruitarian diet. Our bodies repair themselves as close to “mint condition” as it can get when eating this diet, so I imagine that a compromised immune system is also one of the problems that can easily be fixed.

  4. Sorry to be late. Apologies in advance for the length.

    HIV is a naturally occurring virus but inadvertently introduced to mankind.

    Ask yourself what was the most concerning disease for gay men before 1980?

    Hepatitis B

    Ask yourself what do young upper class homosexual white men in NYC and San Fran have to do with Haitians and Central Africans?

    These groups were test subjects for Hepatitis B vaccines and polio vaccines which used tissues simplest from monkey tissue samples infected with SIV, the ancestor virus of HIV-1 and HIV-2.

    Also ask yourself how can two central African viruses appear is disparate parts of the world in vastly different populations?

    The precursor to HIV originated in the Congo, Ebola appeared in Uganda, Marburg virus, a virus similar to Ebola, is named for the city in Germany were industrial workers died from exposure.

    What were the workers working on in Marburg, Germany? Green African monkey tissue samples used to make vaccines.

    Using infected tissue samples sparked a pandemic.

    It could be worse. Imagine if the infected samples contain an Ebola type virus.

    Imagine if HIV goes airborne one day much like the bubonic plague.

    Animal viruses are known to jump species. The new flu like viruses occurring now in Saudi Arabia and China are perfect examples today. Swine flu/H1N1 and the Spanish Flu of 1918, which started on an army base in Kansas, are the most famous.

    Disease and illness from vaccines are not uncommon. Gulf War Syndrome is the most recent. First and the second wars respectively.

    I would never test out an HIV vaccine that uses a weakened live virus or so-called “killed” virus in the vaccine. HIV is the fastest mutating virus known in world. All it takes is one viral cell to survive to reactivate itself. I automatically give the side eye whenever I hear about an HIV vaccine that uses the virus. It will only infect more people.

    Let me stop here, before I go all the way in.

  5. Magic is no different than millions of others that have had good treatment and followed a strict regiment and are undetectable. I know a few that were diagnosed over ten years ago one even twenty and still going strong. As long you take your meds eat right don’t take any risk just as heart patient, diabetic and those with hypertension maintenance is the key.

    I never said govts haven’t experimented on its subjects (not just here in the USA) but to believe the this illness is some conspiracy is totally ridiculous all it does is stop people from adhering to medical direction.

    Sorry I’ve said enough but I’ve gone to more funerals than I care to think about.

    1. Hell no. He took a picture of himself giving blood a month or two ago.

      1. um, he wasn’t donating blood. He was getting blood work done. That’s his doctor… SMH

    2. To add to “Over It”‘s comment its from the documentary ENDGAME: AIDs in Black America

  6. I cant with this foolishness, if you have ever lost someone to this disease you would know the pain and hurt that they feel and you feel after they are gone. I lost my best friend and its been over a decade ago and the pain is still raw and hurts and when I see bull like this dude is spewing it sickens me being that so many young men in our community are suffering and so many more dont even know they are positive until its too late. I whole heartily agree with eating organic, raw, fresh fruits and vegetables but many people who have had AIDS, Cancer and various other diseases have adopted this regimen and had no success, so again this is false hope. Eating right whether you are sick or not will have a great impact on your health and quality of life. Yes there have been some dirty deeds done by science and the government, and I believe that AIDS is more than likely the result of some man made things gone wrong, but I dont believe that they are systematically out to destroy a certain group of people either. We know its real and its our responsibility to take care of ourselves.

  7. Let the truth be spoken. That is why so many chemicals and drugs are pumped into food and animals. All to weaken the immune system.detoxying your body with raw veggies and alkaline water to keep your blood alkaline will start strengthening and attacking the virus, bacteria and fungus that is infesting your body. Real talk. That is why organic is so expensive compared to the crap they push. Plus all these pills and vaccines have some things in them that are time released to weaken your systems or fix one thing while causing a host of damage with side effects. Wake up people. Doctors and government is not as friendly as they should be.

    It is more to life than chasing the next piece of ass.

    1. ^i appreciate your opinion and even davons.
      everyone on my social sites was shocked and appalled when i posted the comment.
      i thought it would be ignored.

      that being said,
      i have noticed organic is expensive.
      one of the trainers suggested i start eating it,
      but that food is crazy in price for such a small serving of it.

  8. Well I don’t know about HIV but I’ll let you read the following:

    As to the AZT test here is a FACT:

    AZT trials conducted on HIV-positive African subjects by U.S. physicians and the University of Zimbabwe were not performed with proper informed consent. The United States began testing AZT treatments in Africa in 1994, through projects funded by Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). It included testing of over 17,000 women for a medication that prevents mother-to-child transmission of HIV/AIDS. The subjects did not fully understand the testing methods, the effectiveness, the possible dangers, or the nature of a placebo in testing situations. They were also told about the trials under duress. Half of these women received a placebo that has no effect, which means that transmission was likely. As a result, an estimated 1000 babies contracted HIV/AIDS although a proven life-saving regimen already existed.] The CDC ended the short course testing in 1998 after they announced they had enough information from Thailand trials.

    In 1935 After millions of individuals die from Pellagra over a span of two decades, the U.S. Public Health Service finally acts to stem the disease. The director of the agency admits it had known for at least 20 years that Pellagra is caused by a niacin deficiency but failed to act since most of the deaths occurred within poverty-stricken black populations.

  9. This guy is off his rockers and its stories like this that keep black people thinking there is a grand master plan to kill them off with white male made diseases. It’s all nonsense. HIV is real and it’s effects touch the lives of all people. It’s not a designer disease and it wasn’t created by a man in a lab to make money off of poor people. Yes, the drugs that were initially on the market had near fatal effects on African Americans because of our genetic makeup but researchers identified this issue with AZT and created better drugs that were effective for all people. I saw many black males succumb to HIV under the original cocktail of drugs and use to preach against their use, but I was ill informed and when I hear nonsense like this I pray extra hard that our youth, black white asian and so forth don’t put much faith in people like this because they are uninformed and only seek to perpetuate a belief in some conspiracy without giving up facts to support your hipocricy. Stay informed people and get tested. Wrap that shyt up and protect yourself!! We’ve all been guilty of it but we can’t blame anyone but ourselves if we believe some craziness like this.

  10. That is a bunch of BS HIV is real and it’s a disservice to state otherwise. Regarding AZT it has bad side effects so do most drugs that’s like telling a cancer patient chemo kills you not the mutated cells growing with in. Yes there are benefits of healthy living but disease does exist and the millions that have died worldwide are a testament to the ravages of HIV and AIDS.

  11. Yea, this will be a long discussion. I don’t believe this. I hope not anyway, but I would not be surprised. It is a lot of shit that happens behind closed doors that we do not know about.

    1. Wait what about the people who had symptoms of HIV, and went to the doc and found out they had it? What it explains the people who start getting sick?

      1. ^i was told when you “think” something,
        it usually happens.
        your mind can create a lot of negatives within your life and you don’t even know it.
        now i’m not saying this is the same reasoning behind hiv,
        but we all are scared of it.

        why is it the ones who go through life fearlessly,
        fuckin everyone,
        come out un scatched?
        yet the people who go through life cautiously,
        they are the ones who are the first to catch something?

      2. You can’t think sickness.They literally find things wrong with you. If they find nothing then it’s mental.

      3. This reminds me of the BS I was told by my great aunt that my mom died from breast cancer because she didn’t have a positive enough attitude and we didn’t pray enough.

        1. ^thats what my hating ass family told me about my parents when i was dealing with depression.
          i didn’t pray enough about life and my lack of prayer didn’t save them.
          everyone is always talking about “pray” something away.

      4. God has our fate planed and stored away before we even come out the wound. If it’s not meant to happen, prayer is not going to change it. Once he makes a decision it’s made.

        1. ^so why are we praying?
          god forgive me,
          but isn’t it a waste of time?
          why am I praying for a good career,
          to be blessed with love,
          or even happiness when god has my fate in his hands?

      5. We don’t know the outcome but he does. Praying helps when it comes to showing us the way. If we need help with something, god shows us the signs that we must pickup on. So we are praying for him to show us the way even though we don’t know when outcome. He has our lives planned, but it’s up to us to make the right decisions.

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