I Will Date My White Wolf And Black Folks Will Get The Fuck Over It

i love eve.
she has come a long way since philly.
ive also met her and she is really cool people.
her new album lip lock is not bad.
where is the promo for this album eve?
people have been getting on eve for dating her snow wolf,
maximillion cooper.
black men especially.
this is what she told the grio:

gumball 3000 101010“I don’t want them to see color. I never did,” said 34-year-old Philly native said in an interview with Vibe Vixen. “I grew up in the hood and my mother was very good at it not being a black thing, even though I grew up around all black people. I want them to want to know everything about all kinds of races.”

The emcee, whose new album Lip Lock is in stores now, clarified her “colorblind” statement in a video interview with the Grio, saying she’s surprised that the topic of interracial dating is even relevant to the public anymore.

“At this point it still annoys me that race is such a big issue in 2013,” Eve said in the interview. “Like, get over it.”

 if this wolf is making her happy,
what’s the big deal?
can we also mention how paid he is?
isn’t that the point of finding someone?
if paul walker,
chace crawford,
duncan james,
or any snow wolf who i found attractive
wanted to cuff me:

tumblr_mhcwy9U7aG1rnoh0co1_400even in our community,
we treat interracial dating like the plague.
now what i’m NOT about is self hating people who hate blacks.
they have an agenda for dating outside their race.
eve also had to point out the other swirl relationships in the media:

“What the f**k is the problem?” Eve says, referring to Kardashian and West. “She’s not black. They’re not the same race, but no one says a thing.”

“I don’t understand it,” she adds. “Black men have been doing it for years.”


well to add,
i heard recently that allegedly:


potd-big-254610264omari hardwick got married to a snow bunny and has a kid with her.
he doesn’t mention her because he feels he will lose his black female audience.
this is all alleged, btw.
same with:

Premiere Of Screen Gems' "Takers" - Arrivalshe allegedly married a vixen of another race and kept her secret for months.
he was even going around making it seem he was dating black actresses.
just to keep sistas happy with their fantasies.
it’s all funny to me actually.
i still would date all three with no issue.
i don’t see the problem.
have you noticed a trend within the black community and secrets?
i have.

x listen to lip lock here

14 thoughts on “I Will Date My White Wolf And Black Folks Will Get The Fuck Over It

  1. You should see how much black women praise Scandal because Kerry Washington’s character gets white dick on the regular and then they all go off about black men hating the show when there are actually black male fans of it.Whatever makes you feel better about yourself Eve/black women.The whole interracial relationship debate is deeper than what people like to acknowledge but it’s pointless to keep having because it would just be beating a dead horse.I just wish black people would stop with that “I don’t see color” Disney BS.There’s complexes and fetishes and ……………..I’ll stop and just say what everyone else says.”You can’t help who you fall in love with”

  2. As I’ve said before, it’s your right to date white. I just feel differently. No shade and no disrespect.

  3. I’ll stand in the minority and say that I’ve never really been in support of interracial relationships. Mainly because I detest the trend that once we get a little bit of money, WE are not good enough for OURSELVES. There’s an underlying ulterior motive when people of color date outside their race.

    For men, I think it’s two fold: the attraction of the “forbidden” white female (which always confuses me given our history with white women) and their seeding resentment (and insecurity) of black women.

    For women, it’s primarily issues with black men. Black men no longer enjoy the responsibility of being the provider and that, in just the relationship between men and women, devalues him to the black woman.

    That said, I’m not a hater. If that’s what makes you happy, then do your thing. I like penis and a nice round ass, so who am I to judge. I don’t care if you want to have a yard full of animals—just make sure they don’t piss on my lawn, feel me?

    1. I’m trying to understand to with whom you’re talking about. I’m going to assume you’re not generalizing and if you’re a person a color and you date someone white, that automatically means there’s an ulterior motive. If so, does that motive exist for white folks who decide to date outside their race as well?

      Most black folks I know who have money or who came into money over the years kept having black partners, even celebrities and those who dated white did so before they had money.

      Black men, at least straight ones like pussy, white pussy, asian pussy, black pussy, they like it all.

      1. It’s simply my opinion and my belief. You’re fine and free to have your own.

  4. I didn’t know black men cared about Eve’s relationship. I’ve only ever heard black women talk shit about Eve’s man’s looks and the fact that he has 4 kids. I have heard some dudes get upset about Kerry Washington and Zoe Saldana though.

  5. I can’t believe Eve is still getting shit for dating him.

    She’s been with him for quite some time hasn’t she? Uh, I think that means they gel well together, so I agree with her.

    Let it die.

    Men have been doing it for generations, and now women do it, it’s a problem??

    It just sounds like a bunch of crunchy dudes who want to tell women what to do.

    Especially black women.

    1. ^because blacks in general like to contradict ourselves.
      she is happy,
      not on drugs,
      or fighting on some reality show over her ex, stevie j.
      i think she is doing good.

      1. She’s doing more than good…and I wonder if that’s the problem.

        He has money, SHE has her own damn money, they seem consistently happy, and it’s really undermining to give her grief when he’s treating her properly and she’s still the same damn person.

  6. Im glad Eve found love.Did you hear Tyler Perry released an open letter telling people to leave the past in the past?

  7. Jamari I am with you if Paul Walker, Chace Crawford, Chris Hemsworth, or Ryan Gosling wanted to cuff they would have never ending caramel delight. Even though men have not been doing it for me lately. Race does not really matter to me as far as dating I’m more interested in the person.

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