when your boyfriend dies and leaves you his secret life to deal with

a foxholer sent me this story and its quite a doozy.
i would hate for my wolf to die and all his secrets came flying out.
from the illegal activities to the side hoes.
fuck planning his funeral.
put him in a suitcase and let the state deal with it.
deshawn mcmanus was shot and killed on feb. 9th in north carolina.
(  x read it here )
his girlfriend was mourning his death on social media as she should:

up until the “gotcha gotcha”

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Rarri True and The Secrets That Might Have Buried Him?

we all have them.
some of them are buried deep.
others are right at the surface.
it takes the right amount of digging to find them.
rarri true,
one of the pineapples allegedly involved inside blac chyna,
allegedly has some secrets.
big ones.
my thing is
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It’s Hard Out Here for “Friendships”


what does “friendship” today mean?
is it meeting someone and forming a bond?
is it a stand in until you can throw them under the bus?
i really don’t understand the animals in these forests.
we want these great “fantasy” relationships,
but we can’t even keep our friendships in order.
you love someone one minute,
and the next,
you are airing them out on all your social media accounts.
i had to wonder…

Are we all just being fake to each other?

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The Baller Wolf With The Secrets (and Good Taste)

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 6.50.28 PMguess whose wolf ^that is?
not mine.
after what i read about that wolf,
i’m thankful.
so you know when you become popular,
your stock starts to rise and more prospects cum for you.
you can go from “being lonely” to “fuckin’ the finest animals ever”.
well that may have happened to one of my favs.
check out who that piece of meat may belong too…
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The Curious Case of Duke Williams

CJGoSv7UwAABYAThe looks better in motion.
so i caught myself watching #rhoa tonight.
my reality show ban is not lifted.
i just wanted to see duke williams.
i think he is sexy as hell.
well as soon as he came on the screen,
with his equally sexy wolf friend,
my twitter timeline blew up with a ton of allegations.
hell his whole scene was highly suspect.
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Adam Lambert Slept With The A List DL Wolves (Lucky!)

i’m jamari fox and ive been with a few baller wolves.”

^things i would never say out loud.
well some people are not like me.
adam lambert is one of them.
he had a pretty revealing interview with glamour uk.
  he admitted he slept with high profile wolves.

ones who happen to be on the low due to their careers.
this is a quick quote from the huffington post
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