when your boyfriend dies and leaves you his secret life to deal with

a foxholer sent me this story and its quite a doozy.
i would hate for my wolf to die and all his secrets came flying out.
from the illegal activities to the side hoes.
fuck planning his funeral.
put him in a suitcase and let the state deal with it.
deshawn mcmanus was shot and killed on feb. 9th in north carolina.
(  x read it here )
his girlfriend was mourning his death on social media as she should:

up until the “gotcha gotcha”

not on facebook,
of all places.
there is more:

imagine the love of your life having a whole other life on the side?
a boyfriend?
a whole ass family with some vixen?
a crime lord who had the entire city on lock ala walter white on “breaking bad“.

sidebar: can i tell ya’ll how much i despised his wife on that show?
she was such a ungrateful bitch.
i wanted her dead by the end of that show.

how does this funeral even work?
both parties sit on two seperate sides?
they have two seperate services?
this is all a mess and i’m here for it.

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10 thoughts on “when your boyfriend dies and leaves you his secret life to deal with”

  1. Now this is a messy story, but as it was said above, he was playing the both of them. It’s embarrassing to all parties involved. Deaths can reveal so many secrets.

  2. “Please don’t mess with my top. RIP Shawn Shawn”…?!?!
    WTHunh?!?! Wow this can’t be real, can it?!
    Why these mofos get w/ these no class, ratchet ass queens?

  3. Living one life is hard enough. How do some people manage to live two at the same time without anyone else they know figuring things out? Like when the boyfriend/partner or the girlfriend/wife asked him, Where were you, did they just trust whatever he said, even if it started to sound off?

  4. Queens are just sooooo messy uh. What even was the point, it doesn’t even come across as real love “going hard for me like Bey” all he wanted was attention and that’s sad. Respect to her for not feeding into the immature antics of a busted stunt queen looking to go viral.

  5. A mess. Cause neither one will never know the truth. He was with both of them and both of them r entitled to grieve over him. This is almost like Death At A Funeral with Chris Rock and Martin Lawrence. They had to find out their daddy was fucking a white midget (from Game of Thrones).

  6. This always creeps me out. It makes you wonder what else they’d lie about. How do you hide things like this? Never slip up and say the wrong name? How do you MANAGE YOUR TIME BETWEEN TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE????

  7. People are so tacky. They’re so quick to throw shade at her but clearly the man wasn’t shit. Instead of trying to embarrass her they’ll have to agree that he was playing both of them. I know of a family from my old neighborhood where the Father died (this was in the 90s) and the kids found out Daddy wasn’t married to their Mom, they just lived together for years. The entire time he was legally married with kids, but took care of ALL his kids. Smh this shit has occurred for generations its just now we have social media to find out the scoop fast.

    1. You speak the truth. It is tacky. People love unnecessary drama. That is one major reason why I don’t fuck with Facebook anymore.

      I know of so many circumstances like the one you mentioned, where men were cheating on their wives with a whole ‘nother family a few blocks from where they lived. I know one guy that was dating my cousin, who found out his dad was banging the lady who lived across the street from her.

      And you are right, this has gone on for generations. Access to social media now makes finding out things much easier.

  8. I’m sorry he lost his life…My condolences to his family…..but OMG…this is not a surprise to me…there are soooooooo many men with this situation….Lawd…..I just don’t have nothing else to say…..😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐

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