tessica brown will probably have an svu episode made, sponsored by gorilla glue

“everybody comes to hollywood.
they wanna make it in the neighborhood…” – hollywood, madonna.

is one hell of a drug.
the talented ones have a harder climb,
while folks who just do dumb shit get insta-fame immediately.
we are all pushing and squeezing to climb to the top in all of our fields tbh.

In the corporate and working world in general,
those who don’t know wtf they’re doing get promoted to managers.

tessica brown is one of those people.
as you know,
she put gorilla glue in her hair and nonsense transpired.
i love the response from gorilla glue’s twitter btdubs:

ya’ll done…

…raised more than 20k for her gofundme:

x see her gofund me here

and she got verified on social media:

she also got it taken out of her hair for free:

so all i needed to do was put gorilla glue in my hair,
make a video,
and i’d become a star?

well golly,
we have been doing it wrong this whole time ya’ll.

lowkey: so we get rewarded for being petty,
doing dumb shit as grown-ass adults,
and making sex videos on onlyfans.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “tessica brown will probably have an svu episode made, sponsored by gorilla glue”

  1. Sister girl didn’t want to go the OnlyFans route like others, so she had to come up with another “hair-brained” money making scheme. The hilarious part is she’s playing so fake innocent in all this nonsense. She even has a manager, how nice. When’s the Lifetime movie coming out?

      1. (HA HA HA )” Hair Brained Money Making Scheme”…….. “Hair we go”…….

        I love you guys. Don’t be to hard on the poor girl .She’s merely an ” EXTENSION” of today’s anything for clout society! HAIR ” Today she’ll be gone tomorrow!!

  2. The audacity she had to say she was contemplating suing the company…simply because she couldn’t read the bottle of spray which is multipurpose for paper, wood, plastic, cardboard, foam, metal, ceramic. And etc…

    I wouldn’t be surprised if a lawyer actually allows it and they just settling just because

  3. Its the statement from Gorilla Glue for me. Basically they said, “yeah we know about it but if she read the label she would have seen you cant put it in your hair”

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