justin timberlake does something he should have done 20 years ago?

i always say when you move on,
your wrongdoer will get their karma.
right now,
everyone seems to love them and they appear to be winning.
everything is going right for them but you still feel wronged.


…and you’ll get a front-row seat for their downfall.
after years of burning bridges with so many folks,
it seems justin timberlake is seeing his karma.
the way how he treated janet and britney was absolutely ridiculous.
after the dragging he got after the recent britney documentary,
he is 20 years too late with an apology on ig


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judging from this statement,
it seems he has never called these vixens to apologize personally.
it seems he went the “look at me everyone” route.
he has been dragged about how he did them but he kept his mouth shut.
now that he isn’t on the pedestal he used to be,
i guess he is coming for the “i finally see where i was fucked up” storyline.
for that,
he can keep it.

one thing i will say is that britney and janet never dragged him.
he always had something sassy to say about them,
moreso britney,
but they just simply moved on and took the damage to their reputations.

The karma hit better when the wrong-doer was a complete asshole and you kept it chill

he has turned me off so much,
i can’t even listen to his new music or movies.
even sex scenes in “palmer” on apple tv couldn’t get me to watch.

i wonder if janet or brit will release a statement?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “justin timberlake does something he should have done 20 years ago?”

  1. That apology was BS. People have been on his neck for over a decade and he continued to downplay his actions. Now a documentary about Britney comes out and NOW he wants to apologize to Janet? He must have a new R&B album coming out

    1. He does. He was on Fallon last month talk about he is in the studio.

      This reeks of PR control damage, since he has this new movie and upcoming album.

  2. they took the heat, rebuilt themselves and moved on and left him in the review. the best medicine is success and they showed him how it’s done. he’s clearly in the rearview trying to comeback. he thought he had a black card but it was always fake. karma is kicking his ass…right justin who?

    1. Y’all are really taking this too far, the fact that he apologized to Britney is something else. So what he dragged her and told everybody that she cheated and did drugs, was it a lie ? I don’t see everybody saying that Rob Kardashian should apologize to Blac Chyna for dragging her when she cheated. Wtf? Also apologizing to Janet for what? A failed publicity stunt between the BOTH that went wrong.

      1. I totally agree! This is the music industry people use their personal relationships in their music all the time. Taylor Swift has made an entire career out of dogging all the men who fell for her. I’m not understanding what he is apologizing to Britney for? Is it because she was supposedly America’s blond haired white princess? They have both been married and have kids, who the fuck cares about a relationship that happened back when they were kids??? Talk about being stuck in a time warp. It’s as bad as people still beefing over Brandy and Monica. LET IT GO!

        Now this whole Janet thing has gone on long enough. Janet needs to take responsibility for her failed publicity stunt. I remember they had a MTV TRL Super Bowl special that came on earlier that day where Janet kept talking about a surprise she had in store. I believe we already knew Justin was performing with her so that couldn’t be the surprise. The bra ripping to expose her nipple with a ring attached at the same time the song says I bet I’ll have you naked at the end of this song said it all. Who needs to apologize to Janet, if anything it’s all the white executives that made it a point to banish her ass from major platforms. Yes she deserved backlash for the stunt but the way they publicly lynched her for years after was a mess. Janet has since recovered with her Hall Of Fame induction.

        If Justin deserves to get dragged then let it be on his own accord not because people are butt hurt that he “did my faves wrong”. That’s such a childish way to react to celebrities who don’t even know y’all. At the end of the day, they make money off of our dollars… we don’t make money off of them. Let’s be wiser and do better!

        1. Well in all honesty those of us that didn’t like the way he cared himself in these situations (he had no business talking about taking that girls virginity and he probably shouldn’t have done that stunt with Janet) he moved along honestly. As the saying goes a hit dog will always holler!! Justin clearly is that hit dog!

          1. He’s “hollering” cuz y’all are bullying him like he’s responsible for how the media and the public treated those women. Y’all are phony. You don’t want real accountability, because if you did, you would be apologizing for how you guys were sending Chris Crocker death threats for telling everybody to leave Britney alone. Justin Timberlake had nothing to apologize for. It may not be to your taste but just like you or I is allowed to talk about his sex life & to engage in a stunt nobody is even pressuring Janet Jackson to admit was purposeful.

  3. Yall still talking about Justin Timberlake. He showed his real self at the Superbowl with Janet. His black card been revoked. Its a different generation now.

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