apryl jones has a really big cum up

i know a scheme when i see it.
when a regula degula is suddenly attached to a “big deal holyfield“,
i always have questions.
apryl jones,
who is omarion’s baby mama and lil fizz storyline co-founder,
was spotted with a “big deal” recently.
she went from “lhhh” to…

… havin’ dinner with dr. dre.
what a cum up.
i guess that recovery from his aneurysm went well.
i had to ask myself:

Is she an escort?

her whole titties are showing in that lace bra.
i know he is in the process of a divorce,
but i wonder if that ever stopped him from getting side cooch?
what is the angle with these two?

i know one thing,
when she gets drunk/high/both,
she likes to do a lot of talking and name droppin’:

lil fizz.
nate robinson.
paul pierce.
she has quite the hit list for a reality vixen.
forgive me,
i don’t know what she does outside of that show.
i know her as “omarion baby mama“.

i’m getting strong escort vibes from her tho.
that’s okay because she has nothing going on.
she better use that cooch to get the bills paid.

if the alleged rumors about dre are true,
she might need to invest in a crash helmet.
i kid.

lowkey: a lot of the time,
these folks be passed around in this industry.
they be whole drug addicts and hookers.


males and females.
it’s a whole thing.

5 thoughts on “apryl jones has a really big cum up

  1. I’m not mad at her. You get it how you live it and she’s using what she has to get where she wants. Not everybody gets to be cute/pretty in life. Do what you do baby, as long as she isn’t hurting anybody

    Dre Money isn’t Omarion or VH1 money lol

  2. Dr. Dre’s abuse against women is well-documented. He doesn’t talk to his children with Black women. He’s ignored them for YEARS. He’s a terrible human and just like Suge Knight, he needs to be under the jail. I get so angry when I see people rocking Beats. He LITERALLY beats women!

    Did you all NOT see Michel’le’s movie?? It was worse than what Ike did to Tina smh Can’t wait until he and Chris Stokes are cancelled for GOOD.

  3. I thought she was Lesbian and was O’s and Fizz’s “Beard”..

    She always gets with these dudes( including DRE ) who are rumored to be “Down Low”.( Old term used to reflect how old this tea is ) hehehe

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