apryl jones has a really big cum up

i know a scheme when i see it.
when a regula degula is suddenly attached to a “big deal holyfield“,
i always have questions.
apryl jones,
who is omarion’s baby mama and lil fizz storyline co-founder,
was spotted with a “big deal” recently.
she went from “lhhh” to…

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Laura Govan Wants You To Eat It All Up

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 6.57.56 PMhow do you tell someone,
after they invite you over for dinner,
that the slop they made looks indigestible?
well you go ahead and think.
i’ll say it so i can head to the nearest restaurant.
 laura govan,
of bbw fame,
wants us to see her cheffin’ skills!
look at what she made for dinner
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We Both Put Up A Good Fight

i am now getting in the crib.
i’m tired AF and i got work tomorrow.
mi was so sweet tho.
she texted me earlier asking where was i because she was worried.
she always does that when i don’t come home at my regular time.

“out with work wolf
will be home soon”

work wolf wanted to hit up this spot for dinner.
it was pretty nice.
well what wasn’t nice was us arguing in the streets
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Dinner, Movies, and Emotions With The Work Wolf


last night was an emotional one.
the first time i ever showed emotions in front of work wolf.
i got in at like 12:30am and went straight to bed.
it wasn’t like i didn’t have a ton of thoughts.
so last night,
work wolf and i had another outing and well…
(this is going to a long one)
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Shopping and Dinner (Situation for 2)

tumblr_nk6qfcwMEs1tin3vho1_500i went shopping and was to taken to dinner tonight.
by who you may ask?
well in a twist i didn’t see coming:
the wolf i had a crush on at work.
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The Vixen and The Fox Who Went Out With Her

tumblr_lg46xaheN51qzjqrio1_500you know what i realized today?
i get my energy off people who have made it.
now not these social media attentionistos,
but people i meet who are content in their lives.
they know their financial limits,
but they are able to afford nice things and go interesting places.
those kind of people inspire me.
they make me aspire for greater.
tonight was pretty interesting in realizing that…
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